My rog service center tooked my phone

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Ok so, I tooked my Asus ROG phone 5 to the service center because the battery has been damaged from overheating, my phone is rooted by the way and when I tooked it to the service center and went back home I got a call the next day on why they can't fix it because my warranty have been void, I know this was going to happend and I was rooted and Im willing to pay full price for the fix, but they won't give back my phone saying I have broke their tos, I'm kinda mad about this and I wasted around 1000$. Please can anyone help me on getting my phone back


  • You can ask police for that

  • Definitely go to the cops that is theft!

  • I'm gonna give them a final call tommorow, if they're still refusing I might actually have to call the cops.

  • wat da faq did I just read

  • @Kizkiv_777 Before you decide to drag the authorities into this, can I please suggest we take a closer look at what's happened first? 🙂

    I've sent you a PM here on Zentalk, check your inbox.

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    He root his phone and demage his battery and he want to ASC to repair his battery, he ok to pay the battery, but asc took his phone cause he already root it

    It bought that phone not rent it you know how can the asc took it

    You guys sold a phone your know not rent a phone

  • There may be several causes, it is considered that the service center is honest, never seen a dishonest official center.

    1) Misunderstanding of language between the parties.

    2) The quote was chargeable (device out of warranty) and he does not want to pay it to get his phone back

    3) The person is not saying everything, I have rarely seen a phone having suffered battery overheating requiring the battery to be changed, even in a less serious case than this G5S+ in the photo, other damaged components are certainly to be found change.

    However, a professional must guarantee its repair, if the user does not want to change what may be damaged (charging circuit for example), he will not only change the battery and return the phone to the state UNLESS he there is a significant risk (case of this G5S+ risk of implosion and fire).

    If I send this G5S+ to a professional, the estimate will be much more expensive than a recent device, but a professional will never return this phone to me in the same condition even if I pay him the estimate.

    Come on, while waiting for the end of this story, I'm going to put this G5 back in a solid iron box while waiting to find a secure trash solution.

  • I'm closing this thread to curb any unnecessary speculation about the particulars of this case. Me and the OP are already communicating via PM.

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