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It's January 26 here in the USA but I got no updates for android 12


  • You need to do it manually

  • Hi @AB75N9

    1.What's your current phone’s firmware version?

    You can check it on Settings > About > Software information

    2.Also for manual update you can find it here Zenfone 8|Phone|ASUS USA

  • Hi, could someone here help me with the next step after the download is completed?

    Do I need something extra to be able to open it?

  • i wanna know how to update it manually too. some says that the zip file need to be placed into the root directory, but that means the phone should be rooted first, doesn't it? 😓

  • adrkliadrkli Level 1

    In my case system automatically detected this file on the internal storage and asked about the update.

  • After downloading to Internal Storage > Download, copy the file to Internal Storage (folder that contains the Download folder). I found it much easier to do that using File Manager instead of Files by Google. Just long hold the file; when you let go, you have the option to copy it. Choose Internal Storage, OK. Then, reboot your phone and wait a little while for it to detect the update file.

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