Sim Card Issue after replacing Motherboard

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: ROG 5
  2. Firmware Version: Latest .210
  3. Rooted or not: Not
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: 1/2 Times in Week
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): Mobile Network

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


After Replacing Motherboard Twice for Wifi- Hotspot also charging issue, new problem arises sometimes Volte not showing have to restart the device to activate Volte Again..

Today suddenly simcard is off automatically, tried to on but showing unknown Error, tried several times to switch on the sim card but no success, have to restart again then sim card showing!

Sorry forgot to take screenshot in that intense time, though of going Service Centre again..

So my question is to Asus & it's co- associates that how many more problems i have to face with this device, every time a new problem arises, still Asus did not replace it. This is a faulty unit I think Asus should give Replacement



  • I would think it would be fair if you got a new phone or even an upgrade

  • But Bro Asus don't think so as of now! After that all problems still using this shitty Unit, their universal dialogue is please Visit Service Centre & Service Centre played a big part of all...

    Replaced Motherboard Twice in just 5 Months, still lots of issues persists & their universal dialogue is visit Service Centre, how many times I have to visit Service centre, atleast i should get a upgrade or replacement, but still they don't think so.. Hard Luck

    *After just 1 Year this Company & service centre will charge me for anything, they don't listen anything then cause my warranty is over in that time? My IMEI no changed Thrice for Motherboard Replace, how it is possible for future exchange on Flipkart??*

    But still they don't care about anything..

    Thank You So much Asus, My first & definately last device from you...

  • I know that IMEI no. changes if motherboard is replaced. So now can't we use this device for exchange in Flipkart?

  • The staff I talk in the Service Center says that if the problem still persist 4-5 times, they recommend to replace the unit. I just sent my ROG 5s Pro to service center too. 29 days of use, it broke the fast charging system and after updating to latest firmware I experience fast battery drain lol. What a disappointment ASUS. 😐️

  • Approx every User faced problem after replacing Motherboard still Asus did not replace the Unit....

    All the moderators are silent about this issues, they are sleeping all the time..

    Just 6 months completed lots of problem arises day by day...

    Thank You So Much Asus...

  • @[email protected]@@@@123

    Hey dude, I faced the same issue few months back...not only me, many users faced it.

    The only solution is to visit the service center and they will replace something in your phone and it will surely take 3-4 weeks of time.

    Worst part, you will be facing further issues like fingerprint sensor not working properly, can't turn on WiFi, Hotspot etc. Your phone will switch off and won't turn on.

    Again you have to visit the service center and they will replace motherboard. This is very frequent issue with rog phone 5.

    Trust me, this is a manufacturing defect and they sold us a defect product. Just go back to Previous months in this forum and you will how many users complaining.

    Just imagine, if this issue happens after the warranty period expires then for any issue we have to pay thousands of rupees.

    My phone is died for 2 days now. Service center in Hyderabad is closed, they say because of covid. Not sure when it will open again. I've called Asus through phone, email no proper response.

    Today, I've raised a complaint at National consumer forum. Will have to see what happens next.

  • Already changed Twice motherboard for various issues..

    1. Wifi Hotspot Stopped Working:

    Takes more than 25 days to receive the unit after Motherboard replaced, faced battery draining rapidly afterwards suddenly after 1 Month of replacement Charging not working, stuck at certain nos in long time..

    2. Fast Charging/Steady Charging not Working:

    Again Submitted to same Service centre under Another RMA. Again they replaced motherboard also takes more than 20 days to receive the unit Back..

    Now facing Battery Draining, Volte/Simcard issue, day by day issues are increasing in various aspects, sometimes simcard sometimes Battery etc etc..

    Tried lot for Refund also replacement this unit, Our Dearest Asus don't need that, gave me that same faulty units back to back.

    Mailed them arround 100 times, posted here also.. nobody cares..

    Also My IMEI changed Thrice for this motherboard replacement, how can I exchange this device to any online selling platform, that's also my question to Asus?

    I faced everything which you mentioned here😅😅😅😅

  • No problem is normal on a device of this game but the most surprising is the battery problem after changing the motherboard (in reality it is an inseparable mother-daughter board couple, paired together), for the battery, the maintenance manual indicates that the battery must be replaced with a new one when changing the motherboard, which is logical because the smartphone must be heated for 10 min at 70°, the battery then loses a lot of its lifespan ), so normally you should have a fresh battery every time you open the Rog 5 for repair. (To be recalibrated as soon as you get the phone back)

    If you still had to send your rog5 back to the service center, send it with a charged battery between 70% and 90%, if you receive it with + - the same value, you have to ask yourself the question

  • Last time I received the device with 0 charge, i have to charge it there for checking after repair!

    Service Centre is the main culprit here, don't know what they do with this type of smartphones??

    After first Wifi issue, when I got my device back, saw a issue with RGB lights not working at all, restart even reset the device in front of them still no work..

    Told the engineer that RGB not working, he replier to me that Asus will give a update after that the Light will be work, i was so surprised that it's a hardware issue how it's solve with software update?

    So funny 😅😁

    Still I have to bring my device to them cause in my area only 1 authorised service centre.

  • "Last time I received the device with 0 charge, i have to charge it there for checking after repair!"

    This is proof of sloppy work that does not respect either good practices or the Asus directives of guide services, a new battery is never at 0%, it is between 40-60%, so it is the your which remained in the smartphone, even though it had to be heated to 70° for 10 min, so 10° more than the thermal limit of the battery. (at least respecting the disassembly guide, which is therefore not sure), their working reference must be the videos of JerryRigEverything, with cutter, scissors and hammer :)

  • Hi [email protected]@@@@123,

    Please check your personal inbox for further steps.

  • k_huatk_huat Level 3

    Pls update us your status if issue solved later n what kind of action Asus took 🙏

  • @[email protected]@@@@123 @FunBike31

    Even though they replace motherboard or a new mobile....what's the guarantee that we won't be facing issues in future.

    Think about this, once the warranty expires we have to pay for the service (even though it's manufacturing defect). Android 12 will be rolled out in future and many more issues will start again.

    I remember, few years back, there was an issue with one of the Samsung device. So, Samsung recalled all the phones and compensated their users.

    Atleast a word from Asus regarding this issue would make us feel relieved but no. They are least bothered about their customers. Asus just looted us!!

  • Right now don't have any problem like Wifi & battery, but in case of Sim card, it's problematic right now, also same things goes to battery.. performance issue like All modes are buggy, CPU not goes more than 1.31 GHZ in any modes, not happened before, problem started after latest Firmware..

    Mailed Asus don't know what they are doing right now?

  • Exactly! After 1 year they will be charge me for anything, though it's manufacturing defect..

    Also my IMEI changed Thrice for changing the Mainboard Twice, in future how can I exchange/sell this device with diff IMEI with Box & Bill..

    Asus have to answer this type of questions as it's a serious issue.

  • Hey,

    Not even two weeks after I replaced motherboard for my phone, I noticed the fingerprint sensor was not working properly. What do you suggest for me. Is it better to take it to service centre again?

  • Yes can be corrupt motherboard again, me faced problem after 1 month replacing the motherboard first time..

    Changed Twice as of now, Still buggy but working indeed

  • I had the same issue. It just need a proper xalibration from a tech. The tech whi fixed my was kind enough to shoq me how they do it. it can be callibreated whin 10 minutes and it will be fixed. Same with mine

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