ROG Phone 5 Ultimate CPU Downclock (Limited CPU Performance)

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: ROG Phone 5 Ultimate
  2. Firmware Version: 18.0840.2112.210
  3. Rooted or not: Not Rooted
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: Everytime
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): PUBG Mobile, PUBG New State, Genshin Impact, Minecraft

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


My Asus ROG Phone 5 Ultimate Got The Wifi, Hotspot, And Bluetooth Not Turning On Problem And Got It's Motherboard Replaced. But After The Motherboard Got Replaced, It's CPU Got Limited Even When Playing With X Mode/X Mode+. The CPU Stays At 1.08 GHZ Constantly While Gaming. Especially In Genshin Impact I Can't Get 60fps Even For A Second. Before Getting My Motherboard Replaced My Phone Works Fine And Can Achieve Constant 60fps In Genshin. Is There Any Solutions Or Do I Need To Go To The Service Center Again? Thank You.


  • Same Problem here Brother.I faced every time frame drops in games, 90fps game play like 60fps only .Mod,Dev's can't reply for solution.But They Are Advertising Rog5 In Powerful Gaming Phone bla bla bla Etc. stuttering issues in game play.They are many people worries. If Some one Who make this software update ,get this message pls make the solution over come from this problem

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    I am having the same problem with my ROG Phone 5 12GB RAM/256GB variant. I had to replace the motherboard because of the Wi-Fi issue.

    I got my phone from the service center yesterday with .200 firmware but it downloaded the .210 firmware automatically so I had to update it and I did not get to test the .200 update.

    I was playing Genshin Impact earlier today and I was getting worse performance than before, the fps dropping as low as 26 FPS during fights and the phone also doesn't seem to feel as smooth as before so I tried checking the clock speeds while playing the game and noticed that my CPU clock Speed would not go above 1.42 to 1.79Ghz even with X-Mode and X-Mode+ with the cooler attached when before my motherboard got replaced I use to get 2.84Ghz to 2.32Ghz.

    This phone is becoming worse and worse and makes me wonder how they are getting the best smartphone awards that they keep posting on social media.

  • If first rog5 processer is Arm Armv8 Showing.after Replacement motherboard is show the processor name Arm Venus .Cpu worst thorttling even level 2 mode or x mode 1.42ghz only.what they are doing Asus Rog team?if example 12gb ram of Rog 5 users killed By 2gb ram of device users in game play.But they are promoting bulit for gaming .If u see this Devs,Mod Take action do anything for this problem.

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    @ARP_ASUS Can we please get an update regarding the CPU downclocking issue? I am only getting half the performance of the advertised 2.84Ghz CPU now, clocking between 1.42Ghz and 1.79Ghz when previously my CPU clocks between 2.84Ghz and 2.34Ghz while gaming.

    I was not able to test the .200 firmware version that came with the phone after replacing the motherboard as it downloaded the latest .210 firmware after connecting it to the internet but I read on other groups that the downclocking issue started with the latest .210 update.

    This is a serious issue and should be put on priority to fix it.

    You are advertising this phone as a gaming phone to rule all the other phones and yet here we are performing worse than the older snapdragon processors.

    I hope the CPU downclocking is not intentional.

    I am regretting it more and more buying this trash phone.

    UPDATE: So I have done more tests today and the CPU downclocking is worse than I thought.

    The CPU clock now gets locked at 1.42Ghz above 42C and jumps between 1.08Ghz and 1.42Ghz and never going above 1.42Ghz reducing the performance by half and my fps going as low as 25 FPS Which is performing worse than phones released in 2015 and 2016. This phone has become a joke.

  • Several members face this trouble in recent times .It was a big issue,we frequently rised the question about this issue but the moderator and developer didn't give any solution I think they sleeping wake up mod ,Devs to listen this big issue @ARP_ASUS

  • So It's Actually A Software Related Issue Right? And Could Be Fixed With A System Update. I Don't Want To Bring My Phone To The Service Center Again Because For The Wifi Problem My Phone Got Returned After One Month. Is There Any Temporary Fix Or You Guys Just Bear With It?

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    I found an article about the same issue after the latest update from June 2021 and I just hope that the downclocking is not intentional and will be fixed with an update. I am getting terrible performance with the current update.

    Its looks like I can't post any links yet so I am unable to provide the source of the article.

  • You have this limitation that only when the temperature reaches 42 °, you are in luck then.

    I just took it out of the box, I launched several gaming sessions, from the temperature of 30 ° to 41% the CPU does not take off from 1.42 GHz, this smartphone is just unusable now.

  • Yes, its the firmware issue. I had just posted a reply in the other thread. If you want to read, go to this link

  • Mine is just as bad as yours, it never goes above 1.79Ghz even when the phone is 30C, then the CPU would get locked at 1.42Ghz above 42C. There is currently a workaround through Game Scenario Profile Advanced Hardcore Tuning but you'll have to make a profile for all the games.

    The system performance profiles like X-Mode, Dynamic, Ultra Durable and Advanced are no longer working even if you set the performance to to all High they are all clocking at the same speed.

  • Dear Sarkiri,

    Can you please tell whole process how to achieve full 2.84 ghz? I am making custom profiles but not sure that done that correctly or not? Please post screenshots of steps or tell here please....

  • I want to correct myself here. I was wrong when I said that I use to get 2.84Ghz to 2.32Ghz with my original motherboard. The correct clock speed was 2.84Ghz to 2.38Ghz.

  • Errr you guys need to tweak armory crate a little

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    Lmao, this is so predictable. Keep your eyes on rog 2 forum.

    If performance degrades in rog 2 then it will degrade in rog 3 and rog 5 as well.

    The updates for rogs are linked by looking at current scenario, the only difference is they exclude the rog 3 and rog 5 features from rog 2. Rest is all same.

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    Yep regret buying this phone I already went two time on the service center cuz of the hardware issue, first all of the sudden both speaker died no sound after buying the phone less than 3 months, went to my nearest service center and they replace my mother board and speaker so i was happy they fix it after 15 working days but less than 4 month the phone motherboard died and cant power on my phone no matter what I do and now after replacing again my mother board and downloaded the .210 update... When playing genshin its a joke of a performance for a gaming phone when you reach certain thermals to 42c up to 46 c in downclock your cpu to 1.08 ghz and stays that way up until you cool down the cpu temps below 40 and the sad reality is my poco x3 pro is doing much better performance when playing genshin rather than this garbage joke phone..... in each every system update they'll mess something up in the system much for a 1000 dollars phone compare to a 200 dollar phone poco ..

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