Wifi & Wifi-Hotspot Not Working



  • I can't even resell this phone anymore. My hard earned money down the drain just. Like. That.

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    If you face wifi/hotspot issue - the advice is to take your phone to service centre.

  • im submitting a refund file . and so the court file in my country , i want to see how asus will respond to this . not even a year , only 4 month , allready has big problem . if they change my motherboard then my IMEI will change , it means cant sell . so its better for refund . ill update my case here if i got any reply from asus

  • Have done this on 21st December. 6th in queue for service. Let's see how long that will take 😏

    To be honest, I'd rather get a refund because I was sold a defective product.

  • What you just said, changing the motherboard doesn't even guarantee that the problem will not occur again because its a manufacturing defect.

    Some are still having problems even after replacing the motherboard for the second or third time.

    And others reported that after replacing their motherboard either their fingerprint sensor is not working or the air triggers are not working and the battery is draining very fast. So, Yeah. I did not pay a premium price for the phone just to experience it like a refurbished phone for a 1 month old device.

    You could say I am a fan of Asus and love Asus Products and l own several Asus Products myself and recommends ASUS to my friends and family, but with the experience of the ROG Phone 5 and the service they are providing I having second thoughts now.

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    new motherboard mean new imei , new imei mean ur phone is different with the box . so choose carefully

  • What happen here? Just a month i have this phone and now wifi stop working suddenly 😑

  • People continue to buy Asus rog 5 and 5s smartphones and are surprised by the WiFi failure even though they seem to know ZenTalk and the discussion of Rog 5 or + 95% of messages relate to this problem? Human nature is very complex

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    bro I am from the same place, And I had the same problem, please suggest what to do, or pls give any details for contact ([email protected])

  • CapCap Level 1

    bro I am from the same place, And I had the same problem, please suggest what to do, or pls give any details for contact

  • CapCap Level 1

    bro I am from the same place, And I had the same problem, please suggest what to do, or pls give any details for contact

  • What would your solution be in that case?

    Not doing anything -> no phone + no money? Because the majority of countries allow a company to repair broken products instead of a direct refund.

  • It's the other way around. Got here because of trying to find solution for the wifi issue. Get off your high horse will ya.

  • 4 weeks in setvice centre now.

  • I bought my phone on 26th September 2021, it's been 3 months and I got the wifi and hotspot issue. It was working just fine and suddenly today afternoon I started having these issues, if anyone got solution or anything please help.

  • Have finally received my phone today, from 21st December 2021. It took 5 weeks plus tu repair. They replaced mainboard to repair it.

    My question now is, has anyone experienced recurring problem after this repair?

  • Here are for example 2 users who had their motherboards replaced and encountered the problem again, the number is not significant compared to the hundreds who had the problem for the first time but it exists.



  • Dear all,

    Wifi not working on My ROG PHONE 5.

    I've been to an asus service center in my city Surabaya today and they want to service my cellphone, but I don't want to have to deal with further damage if I have to replace the parts on my cellphone. And they directed me to the service center of my country Indonesia (Jakarta city), and asked me to wait for the decision of my complaining.

    I am an old ROG PHONE user, and fans of ROG, starting from ROG phone 1 to 5, but this is the first time I have encountered a very annoying and massive case. I know the quality of ROG, so I want the best for my cellphone not by repairing it but replacing it without defect like this.

    I also talk directly to users who have experienced the same case as me, at the same time, and in the same place. but the sad thing is when he don't understand anything about the case and let them try to fix the phone.

    Without reducing respect or doubt to all Asus technicians, I think this problem will still repeat itself and spread to other cases even after being repaired, because the fault lies in the production failure, not the product handling problem.

    So Please, give best solution for all your ROG phone users, and don't buy time, because I'm worried that a new problem will appear, And it will end badly for ASUS, because of the many consumer complaints about the bad products being sold.

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