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  • Does anyone mind helping me understand how to set this up? I've heard both ways

  • This isn't about vast amounts of heat. If you consider the hours spent on a charger and how many times in an overnight period the phone needs topping up, then multiply that by the number of days in a year for a couple years? It's about what's the smarter option if you want to keep the battery as healthy as possible for as long as possible. The point really is that if you think keeping the phone on the charger doesn't cause damage you're wrong. It's simply not true however minor anyone wants to make it sound. People are free to do whatever they want. Their choice.

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    I'm just trying to stop you from sharing false information about wearing off Li-Ion batteries. It's just like with that old myth "Charge 3 times from 0 to 100%" based on Ni-Cd or Ni-MH forming. Flat earth is 90% internet joke, there are just some not very intelligent people who choose to deny any science or logic. Like yourself. I've provided everything you'd need to understand why your "micro-charging" basically doesn't exist in any modern Lithium Ion packs. Charging to 80% is beneficial to some extent (I still want being able to change that to 90% or 95%, not to be babysit by PowerMaster). There is no heat when battery reaches maximum capacity because charging is stopped. That argument is also invalid for the same reason. That's just false info man. Regardless, if you really choose to be the one who willingly denies science, research and pure logic, so be it. Just don't share it. Facts are not belief, like some Americans recently tend to believe.

  • Use a PC USB port to charge phone over night ,if it will charge too slow, battery will not reach 100% and that will be better. Also phone will not heat during charging.

  • It's not suppose to reach 100. Now that I actually have this phone I see what the problem is.

    The battery care feature works but it's broken. The times are broken I have mine set to work from 10pm to 7am but during that time period it doesn't work and charges to 100 regularly , however I noticed it DOES work from 10am to 7pm during that time it will sit at 80...when it got to 80 it sat on 80 for over 20 minutes and I looked at the battery charge time it said 1 hour until 100%

    So that's the problem they have to fix the clock in battery care it's broken

    So they have to fix that bug

  • Well, at least that fixes my question. I now know how to set the clock haha

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    Just for further confirmation I changed my schedule charge time to 9am to 7pm it's 11pm now and I have the scheduled charge notification

    Hoping someone sees this and can get this fixed in a update soon

  • Colorsage you are as dense as a forest. False information? LOL. Genius, did you ever consider that devices lose power when they aren't charging. Bizarre concept to some, or perhaps you?

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    @MisterSavage Or perhaps I know the difference between disconnected and connected phone? Being connected to DC ≠ charging. Charging is controlled by circuits in battery itself. I really don't want to explain it 4th time as you've never acknowledged my arguments.

  • You fail to accept facts. The fact is when your phone is NOT charging, the battery IS draining. If you're at 100%, the phone may not be charging at that moment, but you are too dense to figure out that the 100% won't last forever. Maybe in 2 hours the phone dips to 99%, then because it's connected to a charger.....there is current and heat topping up the phone to 100%. Rinse. Repeat. There is nothing to dispute. It's logic and it's how it works. You can dispute how many times a phone might drop below 100% while plugged in overnight, but THE FACT IS IT WILL GO BELOW 100%. Obtuse or what?

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    Okey, I cannot pass this. You fail to distinct the way phone and battery behaves. It will not lose 1% over period of 2 hours, because the phone uses DC power source. You could say it after 12h of battery being left alone in a charging phone due to internal battery chemistry. There is NO load on battery in such scenario. Second, even if it drops to 99% the charging will not just start from a 'simple' reason. Charging circuits doesn't work like

    if battery voltage is less than maximum, charge.

    It is more elastic. Treshold to restart charging is much lower than 99% of unplugged battery charge. The battery controlling circuit will report 100% charge even if battery doesn't technically have that much until that theshold is exceeded. But to understand that you'd have to actually know something about battery engineering instead of making me soo 'dense'.

  • Mate, your cognitive dissonance is immeasurable you need to have a serious word with yourself. You're replying 'flat earth' to someone that sourced a scientific analysis on li-ion because you still think micro-charging exists? Replying 'defensive much LOL" when someone replies to your outdated argument with "micro-charging at 80% is less destructive."??? Also the people that develop software aren't the same people that distribute the product.

  • Funny to see you guys trying to come up with cheeky comebacks to get validation of the people you're never even going to meet

  • Here is what I will say and largely the discussion is off track. Let's bring it back to reality.

    The ASUS or any other company AI or BS charging feature is just that. It's BS.

    The core issue is charge cycles. It's the wasting of battery life.

    So look around, people talk about losing 4-15% battery overnight. This is fact.

    So whether it's a top-up charge or regular charge, the fact is, the battery usage for no reason is the long-standing issue.

    AI charging doesn't deal with that. So if people leave apps running, services running, location running, data running, wifi running while they don't need it, that is killing their batteries faster.

    Lazy AI charging or scheduled charging is a RED HERRING. It's garbage. If people want to save their batteries, which is what people are trying to do in using lame AI Charging features, then they should wake up and change what they do to their phones prior to setting them aside at night or during the day.

    In closing, the discussion should really have NOTHING to do with how to best charge. It should be about how not to be an idiot by leaving power sucking apps and features running while you don't need them. Increase the number of charge cycle faster = killing your battery much faster.

    Intelligent charging is plain dumb. I guess that's the conclusion.

  • @MisterSavage & @ColorSage there's no need to fight because most of your arguments have nothing to do with each other. In a way, you're both right.

    The power from a charger will always go via the battery. It needs to micro charges to keep it stable at a certain percentage. Modern batteries are built to handle this but they're still not perfect. It is however less bad to micro charge at 80% compared to 100% and this is the function scheduled charging provides. We're not calling it AI charging any more.

    The best way to preserve your battery is to never go (roughly) below 20% and above 80%. With that said, most people don't want to have to think about when they need to charge and unplug. This is why scheduled charging exists.

    We have a lot of suggestions for features that we could incorporate into scheduled charging to make it more versatile and we're listening to all your feedback. This is the reason why we have this forum. To make the distance between ASUS and our users smaller by providing you with a direct channel of communication to us.

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    Hi, sorry to post up again. I've read the post right now.

    Even some guys say different things right here, I know @MisterSavage is right. Yes, AI is fine to not pass 80%, but it should be necessary to disconnect the phone closer to the moment when phones reaches that 80%. And ofc hopefully you are improving the AI. Ofc I would prefer to have an update where (1) at 80% cuts totally the light that an update (2) where we can choose charging until 80% and 95%; this second would be nice too, but we are speaking to have an update that helps us to keep our battery life for the most years possible. So, ofc, as everyone except some here knows, the 1 would be the right option.

    My question is: 9 months later, did you launcher that update? I'm a ROG 2 (proudly) owner and I would like to know if I should charge to 80% and disconnect can trust to have the phone charging all the night (just if you updated that feature).

    Thanks for all!

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