Zenfone 8 GPS disabled when display turned off, despite settings ensuring maximum performance

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My prior Android phones let me use Google Maps and navigation while the phone's display was off.

On my Zenfone 8, even with "maximum performance" settings and making sure that there are no limits on Google Maps, when I start a navigation and get going, if I turn the display off, I very soon get a "GPS signal lost" announcement.

I've re-checked all my settings, and everything is set correctly to avoid this, yet it still happens.

Has anyone else had this issue?


  • Hello everyone, here the same thing happens, if you erase the screen, you lose the gps signal, even on android 12

  • I think you mean "turn off" the screen, not "erase" :-)

    A shame this is happening for more than just me. I hope other people will chime in to tell us if this DOESN'T happen with their Zenfone 8, so we know it has to do with some settings we may have in common.

  • @Irene2_ASUS could you help us by providing some configuration that maybe is wrong? thanks

  • I just upgraded to Android 12, and this problem went away. So either it's something to do with Android 11, or Asus's firmware for Android 11 in particular, or upgrading to Android 12 changed some setting somewhere...

  • Hello everyone, even on android 12 for me it happened to lose the map signal with the screen off, I entered the app information, in battery it was marked optimized, I changed it to unrestricted and it did not lose the signal anymore, I don't know if it will affect the battery, but for now it solved. A hug

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