Zenfone 8 hard bricked - systematic problem?

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I had purchased my Zonefone 8 in May 2021, and after 7 months of use, in December I connected my phone to my ASUS charger supplied with it. I have left my phone for an hour charging, not using it. When I returned, the phone was shut down, was not responding to charging, I could not turn it on, it was hard bricked.

I have sent the phone on the 22th of December to an ASUS Service point (from Hungary to the Czech Republic), where they have examined the phone and found out, that it was irrepairable.

First ASUS Hungary offered to return the purchase price, what I was satisfied with, but now ASUS Europe wants to provide me with a new Zenfone 8. Since the 22th of December I am using a borrowed phone, and as of the 12th of January I still do not have a solution. I am not quite happy with the offered new phone, since suddenly losing the phone and all the data on it, is not something I want to experience again.

I was searching the internet for similar cases to see, whether my problem is an isolated case, and I was just unlucky with my phone, or it is a systematic problem. I have found posts describing very similar cases. I kindly ask you to reply if you have experienced a similar problem, and tell me, what the outcome was.


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