SIM card problem

BodzBodz Level 1
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Since the latest update ( I noticed a pretty annoying bug with my SIM card. At any time in the day, it will shut all my data an voice call. It feels like I don't have any SIM card in my phone and it says "non valid SIM card". The only way to get back to a normal situation is by rebooting the phone. Airplane mode doesn't do anything.

Has anyone noticed the same issue?

I'm going to switch to a new SIM card and hope it fixes the issue.



  • Hi @Bodz,

    1.Does this happen in both SIM card slots?

    2.Are you able to try same sim card on a different device to rule out any sim card damage issue?

    3.If issue continues you could back up your data and perform a "Factory Reset".

  • DantagDantag Level 1

    I started having the same issue since one month ago.

    I need to have 2 active sim cards and the slot 1 stopped to work.

    I tried everything possible except the hard reset (that I would do once the A12 OTA decides to pop out).

    The extremely rare time the phone manages to turn on both SIM cards, as soon as I put it in airplane mode, at the wake up the slot 1 says there's an error with the sim.

    Do you confirm it's just a software bug and I don't need to send the phone for repair?


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