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Videos taken on 3rd party camera apps such as Instagram, Facebook messenger, snapchat or TikTok in anything that resembles low light are reduced to 15 fps. The picture quality of the default camera app in anything but perfect light conditions is atrocious and buggy.

Even in good lighting conditions, videos don't seem smooth, fluent in 3rd party apps.

The default camera app seems to reduce the systems framerate or make everything choppy, even in Snapchat anything that opens the camera lowers the system overall smoothness.

The ROG phone 2, my previous phone has no problem in any lighting situation and maintains a smooth viewfinder regardless.

I'm about to refund the phone as it renders sending videos or pictures laughable.

I'm attaching a snapchat video for proof and two pictures taken in low light and better lighting.

This should have been a Christmas present, someone please help, my last post was censored..

Again, for reference, the rog phone 2 is smooth and fluent in any camera app making me think this has to be a bug as the default camera app slows the whole phone down.

The phone has the latest update straight from the Asus official website and the problem persited beforehand as well.


  • If anyone else experiences this please comment down, i would like to know if i have a faulty unit and should return it or not..

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  • The pictures and videos seems fine to me. Not sure what the problem is.

    If you don't like this quality and wish a better camera you should return it and buy something that is more camera focused

  • Maybe your eyes aren't working properly, check the damn video, look at the framerate. Yes I'd like to return it and get something that's WORKING PROPERLY. It's people like you that keep the bugs and just work around them thinking it's normal.

    Is the ROG Phone 2 a camera centered phone? It is not. Record something on Snapchat in low light on that phone, it is buttery smooth. Double check the videos, also the camera app bug.

  • I don't mind the camera quality, it's the BUGS that get me. Seeing other ROG 5 phones record smoothly makes me think this maybe should be addressed, like others had the same issue on the zenfones, they spoke about it and it got fixed, they literally released a camera fix patch. There is no reason for my system framerate to tank when opening the camera app, and to think 15fps recording is normal on a SD 888 soc is deluded.

  • Well... If you only want to rant and anger about other people, then fine.. Do it.

    But don't hide it behind a question about your phone. There is no need to become personally. I didn't say "there is something wrong with you" either or "people like you who don't know how to use a phone" are at fault.

    You are free to do that wherever you want but please not in this forum.

  • Hi @andrei996

    1.Please could you confirm your current firmware version?

    2.Clear cache & storage of Camera App after backing up & disable/re-enable camera App

    3.Try restarting your device after

    Let us know if is still the same?

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