Any car holders you use for this phone?

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Anyone has any good experience with a car phone holder to fit this rather large phone?

I don't want to use any magnetic ones and the gravity holder I currently have presses on the power button when I put it in. I've looked around but most holders are rated for up to 6.5 inch phones, and this one measures at 6.67.

So if any of you tried a good solid one, I'm happy to hear your recommendations.



  • I know you said that you don't want any magnetic holder but i would suggest doing a DIY magnetic holder. Those magnetic holders are usually pretty bad especially when phone is heavy as zenfone 8 flip but if you can find a lot stronger magnet, it will hold the phone really well.

    I use aliexpress suction cup holder but i threw the original magnet away and put larger one, that i bought from local hardware store, on it and it holds the phone even on really bad surfaces. (I work at mine so roads can be really bad and it still holds)

    Also you should get larger metal plate for the phone so that the magnet has more area where go stick.

    I add couple photos so you can see better what i mean.

  • Thanks for the answer! Yeah, weight was one of my concerns when it comes to magnetic holders, but I'm also a bit paranoid that it might be bad for the phone on the long run. I know, every article on the internet says they're safe, but I'm not fully convinced as I've not seen any long-term tests. I use the phone in my car quite often and for long drives, and I had a previous phone's NFC being broken after a while and I blame the magnet for it. I might very well be wrong but I just don't want to risk it anymore, especially with an expensive phone like this (that also has a motor for the camera btw).

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