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  1. Model Name: ROG PHONE II


I'm facing shutdown issue due to power management IC failure and it happened year after i purchased my mobile.

On monitoring Thermal zone 65 (pm8150l_tz which is one of the power management IC) the temperature is 20-30 degree Celsius higher [~65 degrees] on normal usage and on charging and heavy usage it goes above 80 degrees. On reaching Temperature above 95-100 degrees it shuts down the device.

Other thermal zones temperatures are just below 50 degrees at the same time.

I recently fount that these power management ICs are available for well below 500 rupees. Just need to know if Asus Service centers can Replace the ICs for low cost instead of Changing the whole motherboard for 25k.

It is financially not feasible for many users to change whole motherboard for that high price. I know quite some people who resides in India have shutdown issues when playing games or charging. If there is any service centers which replace the power management IC's it would be helpful for us. Even if it means sending our device to service center for a month



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    Well its understandable about the whole shutdown issue thing. I have seen other users posts on it too but bro normal usage temperature reaches 65 degrees and even reaches way higher above 90 degrees lmao are you sure those readings are in degrees instead of in fahrenheit?

    i have pushed my phone to extreme level while gaming (Shadowgun Legends) that i was able to reach and maintain maximum of 67 degrees for almost 1 and half hr and my phone was perfectly fine (Am never gonna push it to that limit again or try out any stunts since its out of warranty ri8 now and serving me a good time with a11 :p)

    Now back on to the topic, i dont think replacing just IC would do the trick and in any case even if you are speaking truth, i believe the entire motherboard must have fried out in those thermal temperature.

    Its a common deduction i can think of, tho am not a mod, perhaps you would like to hear there advise instead of a random person :)

  • First of all android uses milli degree Celsius for temperature sensor reading. So i didn't confuse it with Fahrenheit.

    FYI there are 84 thermal sensors are in Rog 2. And the only one is reaching higher temperatures on device idle (see temperature of pm8150l_tz in attached image)

    I'm asking why I should replace the whole motherboard when it is 99% good?

    The repair cost will be just a fraction of the motherboard price.

    And below is the proof that all other ics are still intact

    Lmh-dcvs sensors and soc has low sampling rate than that of other sensors.

    As you can see my device isnt fried as per your theory.

    Also you cant see all these temperature with armoury crate

  • Hi venkateswaran321,

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  • The readings are 100% accurate. The power IC does reach 100c and degrades, it's a known issue.

    Also replacing the IC with a new one is the only "fix". If you want an actual permanent fix, you'd need to start thinking of ways of cooling the chip down.

  • I have ways to cool the ic by reducing the clock speed of power hungry 855+ and reduce the performance using my custom app. But when A10 released it kept the overall system warm, by running the cpu at max speeds. This Combined with my higher ambient temperature resulted in power IC failure.

    Just needed to know if asus repairs power IC.

  • Lowering clockspeeds won't do much, as most powerdraw is from the display itself.

    As for if ASUS repairs it, the answer is, we don't know. Keep in mind that ASUS has no service center that is owned by them, they hire 3rd party service centers to work for them, hence the quality of repair will wildly differ.

  • Lowering the clocks makes difference when using apps like gcam. It keeps the device from shutting down.

    Yeah Asus service is poor. I did a free service when I had muffled bottom speaker and power button was not tactile(when my device was under warranty). All they did was open my device and reapply adhesive and close the device.

    I particularly told them to replace the speakers. But they didn't do anything but vaccuum the ports and told me it is working alright when it is not. Still my top speaker sounds way louder than bottom one. If I close the top speaker, the sound is reduced to 20%. Also my power button completely lost its tactility and now is sitting flush with frame.

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