Guys,do me a favor and never buy Asus Phones.

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name:
  2. Firmware Version:
  3. Rooted or not:
  4. Frequency of Occurrence:
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.



  • I agree!!!! Asus never more!!

  • Hello,

    This request is not credible without giving any reason, there are new users on this thread who will not go through the messages, even when their problem or request is just the previous one! you just have to look at the WIFI bugs or the Android 12 release date :)

    Develop a little why

    For my part, it is the total lack of communication AND a viable solution for a Bug that affects thousands of users, even if I personally am not affected by it.

    Second, it is not acceptable that after a very large number of firmware, there are still bugs on important points.

    This device is 50% to 75% more expensive than the competition and the service falls short.

    Finally, it is sold as a gaming device, this market is a niche market no matter what, so we must assume this choice and not stop essential accessories even if the market is small, which existed on the models. previous ones.

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    Well,the reason is that all of the rog phones die after some time,the motherboard goes bye bye,the service team doesnt really care about getting the product 100% fixed,0 customer support and now my charger is not working.Why would I ever buy this phone again when the quality is 0 for the price that it asks?

  • Yes never buy Asus phones again.

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    Well some people are totally satisfied with their phones. I buy their PCs and my next phone will likely be an rog as well. The features are superb and currently there is no other manufacturer that offers a phone with the criteria I'm looking for.

    Maybe I would consider another phone but there is none.

    Note: customer support and service are completely different between Europe and Asia. I'm from Europe and the quality here is much better

  • In my case I would love to buy the latest Zenfone but they didn't launch the zf8 here :(

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    I love this phone trust me,I like everything about it but the quality is bad.I had a rog phone 2 with the same problem,the motherboard died.Now I got the rog phone 5,same story.I might go for lenovo next time,very dissapointed.Asus is a big company but when you see thousands of users having the same issue after paying so much for a phone it is not good.There are lots of people on youtube who were complaining about this too,Im not making it up

  • This is my first Asus phone.

    But I must say that Asus doesn't do phones well :(

  • wow. you're the same as me. my rog 2 just died last year. i wanted to buy another brand's phone but there is no phones like rog so i had to buy rog 5. i intend to use this phone until rog 6 releases and change. hope it won't die soon


  • not quite true, the original rog (while build quality is very meh) and the Rog3 are quite stable and generally don't die on their own. Only the Rog2 and Rog5 are the ones that die on you even if you're careful with the phones.

    That being said I warned people about the Rog5 but they would all brush me off as a hater and purchased the Rog5 anyways. Asus did some changes rather quickly on their new motherboard revisions so they do care, however I believe that the Rog5 is beyond saving at this point, it was just to rushed.

    ASUS is a company that does this kind of thing in every single segment, they try new things, screw up and try to fix it afterwards, if they can't, they move on. ASUS has some of the crappiest proudcts I've seen in a very long time but at the same time they also have the most magnificent products. ASUS is known for having the literal worst X99 motherboard on the planet but are also known for the absolute magnificant technology work of ASUS Dominus W3175X, they are known for the crappiest strix overheating notebooks, but at the same time are known for the magnificent ASUS studio book and ROG Mothership.

    ASUS does learn, the Rog5 was a disaster, they rushed it and wanted to be the first SD 888 phone due to having the title of the "fastest phone". This is also why I'm personally very excited about the Rog6, as ASUS did not rush this time, they're taking their sweet time, first SD 8 gen1 phones already out and we haven't heard anything from ASUS yet, which indicates ASUS does focus on quality control. I assume they learned a lot working together with qualcom making the ASUS SI. If the Rog6 is anything like the ASUS SI, then were in for a treat, potentially phone of the year.

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    Maybe Lenovo? Any comment or suggestion pls?

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    I don't take photo n playing games at all. I use my phone only for some browsing n WhatsApp, that's why I choose to optimize the spec with the price, n now listening to music bcoz it's an amazing sound quality of rog5.

    I like the rog5 build quality also but not the software, n worst is after sales support. I tried emailed to Asus but I got only general n standard answer for my issue n then ask me to send my phone to service center (no one willing to send their phone n get their case open), but my issue get solved with the help of other user (not Asus support), without sending to service center. N another worst experience is the zentalk support from Asus, they can hide n not responding, it's a half hearted attitude from Asus attending customer issue.

    I assume all brand n phone comes with issue, all I'm looking now is a supportive n responsive after sales support for my next phone. I saw Lenovo been very responsive n supportive even reply to their customers issues thru YouTube comments, n I'll keep my rog5 as a MP3 player.

    Try soundcore after sales support n u will never be disappointed, I bought a pair of earbuds recently n the online support is fantastic, I would rate 300% satisfaction for soundcore support n quality (only a earbud but they really care how customer feel 👍🏻)

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