Sudden switched off

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Hi guys, iam using ROG5 from past 5 months, phone was good when it was in running condition. In a sudden it stopped working from yesterday. After charging my phone I tried to reboot the phone but it is not switching on. Upon plugging the charger no indication of light. Seems to be some reboot issue with phone. All this is happened with latest update. I did my update by last month. After update suddenly Wi-Fi and hotspot stopped working after 10days of update and in a sudden complete phone is stopped working after 20 days of software update. Might be some useless software engineer created some mess in latest update due to which most of the phones and their user facing issues.

Well, upon visiting service centre these smart guys will tell stories of issues and they are going to take minimum of 15days to repair it. After spending half lakh rupees why we should tolerate these kind of issues.

Why can't we plan and file a joint case on this company. I feel it will create very good impact and the case will be strong enough to deal with these cheating company. Why iam saying this is, not a single user happy with these model phones. Think off and do share your opinions so that we will plan and file a case against these people.


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