Android 12 Color Palette + Icon Colors?

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1. Just updated to android 12 this morning and everything is working smooth BUT, it appears I have no way to change the color palette like I should be able to for widgets 🤔 I've changed my wallpaper multiple times, restarted the device but the widgets stay a green color no matter what wallpaper I use. On top of that, the buttons for when you swipe down, are still BLUE!! I don't know if this is a bug, but the colors definitely don't seem to be working properly 🤔🤔 pics below.

2. Is there a way to get the icons to match the Android 12 Color Palette theme like the Android 12 on the Pixels?? I understand that the Zenfone 8 runs ZenUI and if Asus doesn't want to match the icons with the color theme like the Pixels, I understand 😔 I just thought it would look super nice like it does on the pixels.


These screenshots were taken with all the same dark/red wallpaper in the back. As you can see, widgets are a green color and the swipe down buttons are all blue. This remains the same no matter what wallpaper I use. Lmk what you guys think! Thanks :)



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