Zenbook Flip ux362FA noisy. Anyone else?

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I am a very disappointed because the Zenbook Flip ux362FA (i7 whiskey, 16gb, 512GB ssd) overall is very noisy.

My CPU usage is the regular 2%-10% most of the time and the temp is 50-60c averagely, however the fan will go off and on and it's mostly on and most of the time will go really wild, It is still much worse than my previous laptop, that was quiet unitl at least 20%+ cpu usage.

There there's an app called ASUS FAN QUIET, which will make my laptop about 3 times slower and slower than my previous laptop. why would someone use that..

Any normal solutions for this?




  • Hi there,

    May I know your BIOS, Windows OS and ASUS system control interface driver version?

    Thank you very much.

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