GhostTouch Issue and System Wide Theme not applied.

SwarajSwaraj Level 3
edited January 27 in ROG Phone 2

I have noticed that the screen sometimes does not respond and acts weird like if am clicking on homescreen app, the app doesnt open but the notification panel comes down instead and etc. This issue doesnt occur frequently, so idk whats the trigger point to it. It just happens randomly.

The only solution that works is locking the device and unlocking it again.

Also the theme in theme store doesnt seem to apply system wide.

It only covers the major portion and minor portion is unaffected. For example, some themes are applied to inside of calculator app and some are not. ( am using heart stone theme)

The theme i use doesnt apply to the inside of calculator. (i.e to the UI and numbers inside of calculator app) or to the privacy and security app or to the Autostart manager > Notice. It always displays in orange instead of chosen theme. The insides of play store has dark theme instead of turning to a pitch black background like it displays in settings. I would love it if the themes were applied system widely instead of just covering the major portions while leaving the minor ones. I havent checked yet throughly where the themes are applied and where they arent but i hope you would do the job. @ARP_ASUS @CH_ASUS @Kris_ASUS @Gustav_ASUS

Thanks again for rolling out such a smooth and stable A11 update.


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