Replacement battery - where to buy?

pavelvarga24pavelvarga24 Level 1
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I'm going to need a replacement battery soon, because my original battery is starting to degrade quite a bit, I use my phone heavily. I really like my ZF6 so I don't want to buy new phone but put new battery in my ZF6 and keep it. Sadly, in my country (CZ) I can't find the replacement battery for sale anywhere, so I'm probably gonna need to buy from abroad. But Aliexpress is filled with fake batteries (even for our ZF6, I took a look at it and most of Aliexpress offerings look fake even on product pictures). Maybe I could buy on Ebay, but I'm not sure about ebay offerings being genuine either. To be fair, on Ebay there are only like 4 listings offering original c11p1806 battery, and 3 of them look genuine, but I'm not sure.

So my question is: where to buy 100% original Asus battery? Any help?


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