When will be my phone updated??

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Hi ASUS team,

my current OS version is and Android security level shows August 2021. I've seen that there were some updated which were halted I guess because they had their issues. I know that the last .140 update is available for download on your site but why it's not being offered as OTA on my device?! Is this a bad joke or what?? I work as a SW developer and with such attitude my customers would be very angry to put it gently. I bought this device when it was your flagship device and after a year there are still unresolved bugs but not only that, there are quite major new ones being introduced and it seems to be because of poor QA etc. Even my 3.5 years old OnePlus 6 has newer/higher Android security level now.


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    Asus doesn't give a sh1t about its users. Remember not to get an Asus phone ever again.

  • Pamphlet:

    Asus probably let the responsibility to the users: "we are not pushing you! We didn't push anything, even the update. Anyways, the update is there, if you wanna get it, take it. Please don't send feedback to our team, our Elfies are taken by Santa. The rest of our remaining team is still waiting for Santa, their state of mind is locked and sealed. Merry Updates to You!"

  • don't worry, lesson learned...and because of their behaviour I'm trying to avoid their products in other areas

    I'd stay with OnePlus but I hate that I'd have to wake the device to be able to use FP reader (and I also don't like curved displays)

    I quite like Samsung phones but don't like Exynos chips

    I'm curious how are gonna these new Motorolas be

  • I wouldn't simply jump to Motorola...they have a bad record related to updates...O guess worse than Asus...I would go to the new pixel 6 or wait till next pixel arrives...

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