Game plays fine for 10 minutes and then suddenly freezes and crashes returning me to the desktop....

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  1. System: Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit
  2. Battery or AC: Battery (full power 100% plugged-in)
  3. Model: UX582LR.303
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Constant crashes while playing games
  5. Reset OS: No.
  6. Screenshot or video: No.


Detailed description:

Updated to the latest Nvidia Game Driver. The laptop is also up to date with all the drivers proposed through the MyAsus agent.

Whether I play Call of Duty or Halo Infinite, the game will play fine for about 10 minutes until it just suddenly freezes, and then crashes. It will not reboot the whole system but instead will return me to the desktop. I have notice that the fans are getting really loud, I assume that is normal since its heavy. I am also not playing on 4k, i have scaled down to 1080p. Would this be a problem with heat dissipation? I am at my wits end with this computer as not only it gives me other issues (video_TDLR which I still have to fix on another thread). I am unfortunately passed the return window for this but I would have returned this computer in a heartbeat if it wasn't for this. I am stuck with a gaming laptop with which I cannot game nor create premiere pro video adequately because of all these issues.


  • Hi @Patroncito,

    It's a fact that the laptop should run the games flawlessly, and also it's bad that you can't figure out the problem. Perhaps it's better that you send the laptop to a repair center for them to see if there's any problem or reinstall the OS.

    Concerning your other comment about this laptop being a gaming laptop, I'm sorry to inform you, but this is a productivity professional laptop, and advertise like this, please see this link:

    Gaming laptops are from other branch of Asus and perhaps you should have opted for this:

    ROG is Asus gamim series.

  • I appreciate the help. I am a light gamer. It is absolutely ridiculous for a computer this expensive to be experiencing so much issues. Even if it is not advertised as such, it definitely has the specs to run the games normally. I am actually a video content creator and not even be able to connect this thing on a 4k ASUS monitor is ludicrous. What am I missing here? I am currently backing up everything and will be doing a full system reset and reinstall all the drivers through the My Asus Agent. I really want to love this computer but this is really not helping. I cannot afford to send my laptop in unfortunately as it is my only computer and i saved a lot of money to get it. A real disappointment to be quite frank.

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    Give it a try and don't desperate... first thing you should do is look in Asus website for the proper instalation of drivers. Some of them have priorities (don't know if it is the same in your system, in mine UX482 was, when fresh installed Windows 10, I'm running Windows 11 now).

    Second download all drivers from Asus website here:

    save them to a pen and install them in the order you downloaded them, from top to bottom, but beware to not install two versions of the same driver.

    Third if you're going to make a clean install you'll need this also, follow the guide:

    Fourth, everytime you're asked to reboot after installing a driver, do reboot and don't install nothing more before rebooting.

    Fifth, as soon as you install the Thunderbolt driver, test if everything works, otherwise, restart over till you have it working as needed.

    Good luck!

  • Hello Patroncito,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Even though UX582 do have the CPU and GPU for gaming, the other design are not, especially the fan and thermal.

    May I know after the game crash and return to desktop, does the laptop freeze? Are you able to continue to run other program ?

    Please share the monitor model you would like to connect as well.

    Thank you.

  • It actually sounds to me that it's more like a software issue than a hardware issue. From my understanding if your ram had failed or GPU, then you would very likely get a blue screen error causing you to reboot. Since you crash to desktop I would double check some other things like perhaps DX version or the power saving settings of your GPU. Do you notice any heavy CPU or GPU usage through task manager when you are gaming?

    I quite like having the two screens (though I have the smaller, UX482EG) because I can play and monitor my hardware resource usage at the same time. I barely hit 100% CPU on any of my games as GPU is more limiting in my setup. Maybe you could observe that and let us know more about what is happening?

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