Voice microphone is very low while playing BGMI battle royale games

BabushBabush Level 1
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Even I am facing an issue and will be glad if any1 can help me. My ROG device after the android 11 update. my teammates cannot ear me loud and clear like before. And alot of voice glitch. I can ear everything and even have changed earphones . But my microphone voice in game remains glitch. Rest phone call and video calls the voice is great but I do more of gaming 🙏 please help admin


  • Any help please?

  • Hi Babush,

    Can you test the same on any other game?

    Have you tried any troubleshooting?

    Clearing cache, uninstalling and reinstalling game?

  • I too have the same problem. Bluetooth mic works fine with the game but the problem is with wired earphones.

  • Even I am facing same issue

  • This seems to be a comman problem

  • BabushBabush Level 1

    I have tried all the troubleshooting and issue still exists even on other battle royale games BGMI,Call of buty etc. Please come up with a fix or patche update developers . :x

  • Deepan_ChDeepan_Ch Level 2
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    Same issue.

    Both with ASUS DAC and 3rd party high quality audio DACs, the microphone volume is always TOO LOW for others to hear me properly, be it ON CALL or IN GAMES! Discord works ok because we can adjust mic gain there!

    Plz escalate this issue to the dev team @ARP_ASUS if possible.

  • A555A555 Level 1

    Asus are you listening????

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