Power button issue

MrAvengerMrAvenger Level 2
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Anyone else have a issue either the power button not turning the screen on?

Alot of the time when I press the blue button the screen doesnt turn on.. I have to press it twice or three times.

It only seems to be a screen wake up issue as the screen always turns off when I press the button.

Anyone experiencing the same issue?


  • dron39dron39 Level 2
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    I have issue that sometimes power button seems to be pushed twice or even thrice when I push it only once or even holding.

    But issue of my phone seems to be different than your.

  • Hi @redavenger99

    Please confirm that you are on the latest firmware

    You could try to back up your phone and perform a Factory Reset.

    If after all above you are still facing this issue you should reach out your nearest ASUS Service Center to get your device check.

  • so Ive updated it to the latest version .65 and performed a full reset but the issue is still there.

    Can you tell me where the asus repair centre is in Sydney Australia for mobile phones.

  • Also I can sort of replicate the issue by for example moving the phone backwards and forwards and at the same Time pressing the power button

  • OK I'm having a hunch it could be something with the following sensor.

    As soon as I do this test the z+ axis lights up but cant get the z- one to work. So how do I recalibrate it?

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