Asus Zenfone 5q (X017DA) -- can't seem to find model number of CORRECT replacement battery

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Asus Zenfone 5q (X017DA / ZC600KL ) -- can't seem to find model number of CORRECT replacement battery

So, after a couple years of trying to keep my favorite phone in mint condition, my Asus X017DA decided to BETRAY me...

I noticed a couple days ago that the battery is starting to swell. I notice the back cover is starting to bow outward away from the frame. I thought these things had overcharge protection designed in? Well, apparently that's NOT true.

Anyway, i've been searching the internet for a replacement battery for an Asus X017DA (Zenfone 5q), but i keep finding conflicting results. I find batteries claiming to be for the X017DA, but they don't have the correct 3300mAh spec. Also they have different battery model numbers in the different ads. Too much conflicting info!

So, i THINK the correct battery MIGHT be C11P1618, but one seller i sent a question to asking if that battery is compatible with the X017DA said it's not compatible -- but that battery makes the most sense based on being closest to 3300mAh. The other batteries that also claim to be the right battery have different model numbers and MUCH lower mAh ratings. So, how can i get a correct answer from an authoritative source?

Now it's hard to find Zenfones in the USA. This is my favorite cellphone i've owned. Well... it was.


Also is it ok to use T-7000 adhesive to close the phone back up after replacing the battery?

Also does the back have to be replaced when changing the battery? Or will the existing back cover be reusable?

Thank you for you help!


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