Beware russian selling free "fix"

DanishbluntDanishblunt Level 5
edited January 6 in ROG Phone 3

As some of you already know some scummy russian attempted to steal half of my old A10 fix and then tried to cash in on it, now he's at it again but this time he charges 10 bucks for ruining your devices and making sure you cannot see anything on lower brightness levels! After he got exposed he ran away with his tail between his legs and is now trying to sell it for russians only because he thinks I won't get the news if he doesn't post it outside the russian community, however I got the news regardless and think its time for us to let our russian friends know that they are being charged for half of an old free fix.

Beware of "EnterPC" on telegram and spread the news. Do not pay for it as it will flash his hardware information on your phone and potentially ruin your devices, as it's an old recovery backup from A10 he wants to flash on your Android 11 phones.


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