ROG 5 WiFi not turning on.



  • Don't worry, just a matter of time, when ?, I'm starting to ask myself it regularly :(

    Since my 1st Alcatel phone in the early 90s, this is the first time I've seen this question regularly asked :(

    Soon I will put it back in service, at least it still works, at least if I manage to make it swallow a sim card :) and even with the current number of antenes I will no longer need to change the one short tel for the city, long for the countryside :)

  • My ROG phone 5 WiFi not working from November 15 2021, is there any solution.

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  • My mother board has been replaced twice and still for the third time I got the same issue of wifi and hotspot. Thank you Asus now I spent more time with my family really great feature update🥲🥲🥲

  • It's a very good philosophy, always see the positive side of any situation :)

    It is impossible that twice ASUS you are replaced a motherboard by a defective series or you are the most unlucky human on the planet.

    This calls into question the hypothesis of a defective Rog 5 series, I return to one of my first hypotheses whose excessive heat will cause damage to the welds of the SOC.

    Can you specify the circumstances and your use profile (ambient temperature, type and duration of application of the applications, temperature displayed in Armory Create)

    Not at the time of the failure but in general, this type of failure for this cause can occur later, for example, a previously weakened solder or connector can break later, on the occasion of a mini shock or bending .

    If this is the case, ASUS will thank its R&D department for having manufactured an inefficient fan, for not having put it in the package especially on the market of India or a large part of the territory at an average temperature of + 30 °

  • Even after my mother board got replaced. Same issue happened again with my after almost 2 months

  • Damn. So i am not the only one. Mine is twice now. And you had gotten the third time again

  • Update to latest version : 18.0840.2111.196 and wifi and hot spot issue is still persists. i dont know what they are doing.

    update info:-

    1.updated android security patch 2021-11

    2.fixed issue with profile icon colour in the about phone

    3.fixed a freezing issue when sliding on certain web pages

    4.fixed photos not deleted when using one handed mode in whats app

    5.fixed an issue with the lighting armour case after connecting to game pad.

    6.fixed an occasional issues with automatic shutdown when making calls in line.

    BUT wifi issue not solved 😫

  • Hey guys,

    I had the problem with wifi & hotspot went to service center after 20-25 days i got my mobile back with motherboard replaced at that time in front of them i had disabled the software update feature from my Rog5 but please see the pictures even when settings are turned off it downloading automatically and updating itself

    Please help me to delete this update and stop from auto-updating.



  • Hello,

    You cannot, it is forced by Asus for a major reason, I admit to you totally unknown because I did not see any difference and I still have the same bugs.

    Just take the precaution of switching off your phone, downloading the update immediately after restarting and then restarting it.

    If it's updated doesn't matter at least for me, I just had the pro profile bug on restart but unfortunately without consequence or improvement.

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