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Hi to everyone, i would ask, if i am the only one, who is disappointed with fact, that Zenfone 8 has no built-in music player. I use bluetooth accessories, intercom in my motorcycle helmet and i am not able to control playing music, i have to start some player in my cellphone, believe me, that it is not comfortable. I use BT headphones and when i off them, then my cellphone playing music loudly, so i have to take it and quit music player manually 😫. My old lowcost phone was without problem and i didn't assume, that thing like this can be problem in "flagship phone" ...

Can you someone help me?


  • I like that I may use what I want: No bloatware

  • ... but, this cellphone is not suitable for bikers, there is no support for intercom control ... maybe this should be written somewhere, i could choose cellphone from another producer.

  • What do you mean "no support for intercom control"?

    Your chosen audio player app should have an option to pause music on headset disconnect.

    And even if there was a "built-in audio player", it would still be an app that you would need to start when you want to use it.

    Also, i think most modern audio player apps have an option to display controls on the lock screen.

    I think that most of your problems can be fixed by choosing an app that can be configured in the way you need it to work. Did you have a look at Poweramp, for example?

  • I can believe, tht the right app can help me. Now i use Audify.

    What do i mean "no support ... " - maybe i am quite angry with this, so i use stronger words. I compare with my previous cellphone (Huawei P-smart). As a intercom i use Sena 5s:

    • starting to play music with my old phone was simply through button on my intercom, nothing more i needed to do, so i was able to ON and START PLAYING during driving my motorbike. I didn't need to start an app, because music player was implemented into system. It was easy to do with motorbike gloves.
    • now i have to start intercom, start music app in phone, i must start playback from cellphone, when i arrive some call or switch to radio and back on music, then music app gets off and then .... i have to start music from my phone.

    Believe me, thet this is really not comfortable.

  • What was your old phone?

    Try disabling battery saver for audify.

  • Something is wrong with power-saving mode (maybe you use ultra durable as your daily driver) ?

    Or maybe your music app id disabled in autostart ( battery settings) ?

    I use my phone not with intercom but with Alpine player in my car, have no troubles. When it's connected it's starts play. When it's call it goes to pause and continue to play after call end. Maybe your intercom also have some FW updates available?

  • Yes, I think al of this can be configured through software. I don't have any BT headphones, but I know that, for example, spotify starts playing immediately when I connect the phone to my car's system.

    As others have said, check if there is a firmware update for your headset.

    Check if the audio app you are using supports control through headset buttons.

    Disable any battery optimization for your audio app.

    And in the end, consider that Huawei phones are running EMUI, a Huawei-modified Android "skin". Each manufacturer modifies Android in their own way, and the version shipped by Asus is not as modified as the one from Huawei.

    And again, maybe try Poweramp? Here you can see some of the BT-related settings it offers:

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    Hello @peirac I read your problem, I think you should find Google Music Player, if your device runs on any Android version, then it must have Google Music Player installed already. If your device runs on pure android One user interface, then Android's ONE UI will not allow any third party music player. Hope you will get your doubts cleared, thanks.

    Also whenever you switch off the BT device while playing music, user interface will not PAUSE or RESUME the music just for your uninterrupted music experience.

  • Great, thanks to all, i see, i have many ways to try to solve my troubles, thanks 😊. I'll let you know how I do

  • Great, Poweramp is the best one, thanks lot ! 🤩🤩

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