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  • I have this same problem after my phone suddenly powered off. Just so frustrated it's not fixing. Any resolutions on this at all??? Anyone?

  • It can happen again even if you replace your motherboard

    so my solution is replace your motherboard and if it's dead again replace it again and finally sell it 1 month before it's warranty expired and change your phone with monster amd gpu phone

  • @Rahul_V

    Don't even go for motherboard replacement. Cuz it's not a permanent fix. Asus is so careless they have not bothered to accept their mistake & no official statement has been released on this.

    Just submit your phone to nearby service center. Take the Jobsheet & RMA NO. from them. Call asus support & escalate your case to senior & ask for refund. They will tell you to replace motherboard or give you replacement model. Here choice is yours!

    You can wait for 15 Days & then file a case in National Consumer Forum & send asus team a document. I did the same & my refund was approved. Now they have promised in 7days money will be transferred.

  • Same problem here. gave phone in service center and received after almost a month... its working fine now.

  • I have waited for 7 more day & still my refund is not yet processed. Very disgusting service by Asus. Did not expect this at all. From time to time i have been told by 27th nov. My refund will be processed. Just now called the service center & now they are telling me to wait for 7 days more. Just useless company..

    I escalted my case in national consumer forum. If i don't get refund in 10 days i will take legal action against this Fraud Company.

  • Hey can i get your contact details?? I've taken this issue to higher authorities and might need your help to ensure no user is cheated.

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