Zen Duo Excel SERIOUS Problem in lower screen

jraymondjraymond Level 1
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I thought I was going crazy since I've been using the new duo. When I work with Excel in the lower screen it does all kind of things with the data. It has changed numbers - ahhh! And deleted notes Double AHH!

In reconciling some statements, I tried to correct the problems but everytime I entered a number, excel would place the number in the cell beneath. It's nuts - it has really effected A LOT of my data. AND it's getting worse.

I know it's the lower screen because it seems to be doing ok in the upper screen. Problem is, if I move the spread sheet to the lower screen, it serious AND PERMANTLY changes the data.

Not what I expect for the price.



  • Hi there,

    This is something new for me too.

    Can you help to record a short video of the issue?

    Thank you.

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