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  • dear Asus, my air triggers not responding not working, fingerprint scanner gone, simcard sometimes not detected

  • 18.0840.2104.49 I am using version. I have no problems now. Shall I do the last update? As far as I can see, there are people who are having problems. These problems scared me?

  • If you are in India or Japan I strongly advise you to obtain the certainty of having a device replacement in the event of a Wifi and Hotspot problem after the update :(

    When did you buy the phone?

  • I live in Turkey. No asus support here. Bought used second hand. How can I find out the phone release date

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    There are 4 Asus support centers!

    You bought a Rog 5 without the minimum, the Invoice !!, a bit like buying a packet of chewing gum !!, with the invoice we can at least find an acquaintance in the country of origin to operate the warranty, it's a shame.

    To see when it was bought and where it came from you can try this link with your IMEI sim1 if it comes from EU countries

    • Distributeur: 北京京東世紀貿易有限公司
    • Pays:: CN
    • Date de début de la garantie: 2021-03-09*
    • Date de fin de la garantie: 2022-03-18*
    • Distribution en dehors de la France

  • IA part can be ASUS, nobody knows for sure if it is a update that triggers the dysfunction of the WIFI and the Hot Stop, for my part I do not think, since it arrived after the .86 but also after the. following for other users.

    I think that it is rather on the time of use and the important heating that it seems to be declared.

    On the other hand, there is a great chance that your device is affected, or you have a hell of a chance that you stumbled upon the right series.

    If you have no problem, this version gave me more satisfaction than the following ones, it would have to be redone, I will stay in .46 until finally a version with real global bug fixes and improvements, the only danger is that you don't have a security update.

  • Thank you so much. No problem with the phone overheating. no complaints😊 It would be better for me to stay on the current version.

    thanks again

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    Zenfone 2 Lazer, Max pro M1, Rog 3, Rog 5... When Major update come, your phone will.........

    I really tired with Asus.

    Hope you guys fixed this trouble.

  • "IA part can be ASUS, nobody knows for sure if it is a update that triggers the dysfunction of the WIFI and the Hot Stop"

    Well... since Asus is not the only manufacturer with that issue with Snapdragon 888 and it mostly affects devices that are not throttled it's kinda obvious that it's not caused by an update but the chipset itself + heat + voltage. I thought that would be a known fact.

    Usually only early versions of the Snapdragon 888 are affected.

  • Please fix the new update I'm using the rog centra 2 but the sound of mic like too slow

  • Another instance of frozen battery.

    My battery percentage is always stuck after charging and only a factory reset can solve it.

    This is the latest occurance - stopped charging it 4 hours ago, screen on for over 1 hour and used multiple apps. But nothing detected on the battery.

    Multiple people reporting this.

  • how to find out rog 5 version

  • I have had bad high pitched sound from phone on games and now spread to music and film. Does anyone else?

  • I picked up Asus Rog Phone 5, 20 days after from the service center on 30th Nov. I was assured that the device is fully functional and tested. Now, I am facing a software issue since yesterday. How to get the refund or get the device replaced? I don't want to visit the service center, when I picked the device a week ago, it's not even a week and I am facing ramdump issue. Why sell faulty devices?

    I wouldn't recommend buying any Rog products if you have to visit the service center just within 4-5months after buying the device.

  • Has anyone heard anything about a firmware update for the Kunai Gamepad 3?

    I've seen threads going all the way back to DECEMBER OF 2020!

    They STILL haven't fixed the USB suddenly stopping working problem!?

    My firmware is left stick version 3.3.3, and the right stick is version 3.1.0.


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    Hi, I got my ROG 5 12/256 version about 15 days ago, with verison 18.0830.2101.86 Jan 2021 security patch pre installed, everything works perfectly at the moment apart from a little heating issue. Now I see a FOTA update being forcefully downloaded, I have already switched off auto update and all related options, but somehow it's force downloading everytime I connect to wifi. The update is march21 18.0840.2013.26. is this a good update? I can't find any details on this, I don't want to update and end up with a bad update. Can anyone comfirm ? Thanks. From india here

    Edit, sorry about the other image, I can't figure out how to remove it lol

  • No, this update is not terrible, but there are 5 or 6 others behind this one ?, you will spend several hours there !!

    Rather ask ASUS how you can update after downloading it here

    If you opt for OTA updates, I advise you to wait 5 minutes after restarting the phone following an update, turn off the phone and then proceed to the next one and then immediately.

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