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During WhatsApp/Duo video call the camera just flips 90% rest 10% I have to do it manually... Through navigation bar And vice versa.. and when switching to back camera the camera doesn't flips totally this problem is also happening through stock camera app while taking selfie...I tried calibrating the camera also and reset the defaults but nothing workedplease fix this problem asap ✌? @LP_ASUS @CH_ASUS



  • Has it always been like this or did it start with the latest update?

  • I have sometimes problem to get the flip working, but when i call it back down and then up again, its working.

    191 firmware.

  • It's most probably that the motor which isn't operating smooth enough. There's to much resistance and sometimes it till tell the software to stop the motor. The only current fix for this is to send it for repair.

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