Does 5 g use more data

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I have just put a prepaid 5 g Sim card ( Vodafone) and I am impressed with the download,up to 300 MBS on the ookla app amongst others, but I am left wondering if 5 g uses more mobile data than 4 g ??

Does anyone know?

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    No, it shouldn't use more data. It's just a standard.

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    I have just few areas with test 5G in my city, so I don't really have experience with 5G. According to what I read, yes, 5G uses more battery. And it's normal, few years should pass until there will be no difference in battery consumption. Same story was with 4G, this is remember clearly - 4G was draining battery faster on my htc one m7.

    There is one scenario, where 5G will use more data - speed tests.


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