Cannot use connector type c to 3.5mm. jack Level 1
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Please tell me how to fix it.

Thanks a lot.

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  • Answer ✓ Please specify which adapter (brand and model) you are using. It needs to have a DAC in order to work with the Zenfone 8 Flip.


  • EBAEBA Level 1

    I can. I had one from my oneplus and it didn't work but when using the baseus one works great.

  • Where i can buy it? Please tell me.

  • @Gustav_ASUS

    You mean dac amp (like sound card) , right ?

  • im using HTC M321 usb dac...working very great

  • htc audio jack adapter dc m321

  • In other word for DAC, it means you need an adapter that is compatible to Samsung smartphone then only can work. Find those type C to 3.5mm adapter that listed compatible to Samsung smartphone.

    This is because Samsung smartphone is same like ASUS smartphone, using the more widely used or the more common USB digital sound standard, which work on all Android smartphone, even smartphone with Micro-USB can use this kind of adapter, provided you have all the necessary accessory, such as type C to Micro-USB adapter.

  • Thanks a lot. Clearly comment.

  • use HTC M321 usb dac

  • I tried to use baseus dac but..

    Sound is not so loud. I try to volumn up , the same, it is not loud enough.

  • i have a DAC adapter and the audio get crappy when i play games. there is a firmware issue. please fix that. and fix missing ringtone on bluetooth too.

  • I got Asus AI usb c to jack adapter. It is the best product ever!!!!!! Quality went up 10000 times!!!

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