Zenfone 8 "Waiting for flashing full ramdump..."

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I have the sam e problem as many others. My beautiful Zenfone 8 is now stuck in this weird text screen. What the heck should I do? I am in the Us, and I bought in on Newegg on 6/17, before it was officially in the US. Asus Support, please help me out.


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    @Gustav_ASUS I heard you are the man to see about this.

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    Welcome to the world of Asus. Your motherboard must be replaced, please contact your local service center or dealer. Global pandemic can trigger an extended replacement time. Please be patient.

    @Asus can I become your employee? did i do well? xD

    There is a common thread, so probably your thread will be moved to the main thread. There, you will be welcomed by the happy asus consumer community and given a case number. Then the moderator will answer and ask you to send the RMA number and SN of device - but that's it, you won't learn anything from him.

  • Don't forget to not expect an explanation to why your phone suddenly bricked, this is one of the trademark service by Asus 👍️. Prepare yourself for the silent treatment 😂

  • Hi @jakevh ,

    I'm sorry to hear that, please contact a local ASUS service center in your country of residence. I'll also send you a PM here on Zentalk with some follow-up questions about your device, check your inbox!

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