ZenFone8 stuck on waiting for flashing full ramdump



  • If so, please tell me how many people (out of 500 000) know about the existence of zentalk? I don't have statistics on percentages, neither do you. Asus is silent. Draw your own conclusions.

  • your company also doesn't care about the consumer and doesn't comment on after-sales problems?

  • I know this world is bad. Deal with it. Please stop whining and twisting words.


  • Am I twisting the words by asking a question? We are departing from the thread, so let's end this discussion

  • My take on this, a lot more phones have suffered this issue, than what know on here, as not everyone will come online to chase this up. Asus on the other hand, know for certain how many phones are affected, however, they will not tell us that information. My speculation, at the rate of 1 or 2 devices a day, becoming affected by this issue, it could be well over 100 handsets. If I'm wrong, can Asus please give us the correct number!

  • Right Daniele !!!! In this discussion we have to discuss only the problems that Asus customers who bought Zenfone 8 have had !!! The technicians who stay away !!!

  • Hello,

    It has been a month since I returned my phone with this same issue.

    I have already asked for a refund and I haven't been responded to that inquiry yet. It's so frustrating, that I even posted an update/rant here.

    I have contacted Asus Official Facebook Page and I received an update 2 weeks ago that they were waiting for parts, and that's the last update I had. (Yes, they can check the status of the repair for you, just give them your serial number and return #)

    I'm planning to file a dispute with my bank for this charge.

    I was honestly okay waiting for the time it will take repairing the phone, but a month is already too much.

    Good luck to all of us who got fucked up by this expensive non-working phone.

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    My wife just called me from her laptop and showed me the issue with the phone. It's 2 months old. I work at the store it was bought in, will post again with whatever info I can get from the workshop. Might take 2-3 weeks.

    Signed up here just to post for visibility/stats on the issue.

    Edit: Just went through our service tool, there are 14 cases in the Nordic countries from the same store chain. First happened in August.

  • Instead of arguing with each other let's just ignore those who find a few consumers here as whiners, they can get their answers elsewhere. They clearly have enough money to spare and are quite ok to have a phone that only last a few months.

    Not surprise there are more and more victims everyday, regardless of percentages we can't really know how many units were sold globally but quality is the question here. I've used other phone brands and never seen quite a number having the same issue, seems fairly consistent.

    Sure phones break for a lot of reasons but not all with the same reason? That raises a lot of questions.

    I agree with a few to just seek legal advice against Asus, clearly our voices are falling on deaf ears with this company.

  • You have interesting data :) Remember that they don't take into account the cases when the user reports directly to asus service, skipping the store.

  • Today I got a "ramdump" error on my phone. The phone was bought on Aliexpress with delivery to Russia. Replacing the motherboard in a service center is equal to the cost of the phone. I ask ASUS representatives to give an answer when there will be a solution to this problem?

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    This is true. We don't really sell many of these phones at all in our stores. Also this is just one store chain in the Nordics. I'd say the failure rate is pretty high. MFD on our device is 05/2021 if that helps any statistics.

    There's a small crack on the screen, can't wait for them to reject the service because of that. Not my fault phones are designed the way they are, they're going to fix it and you bet it won't cost me anything.

  • Numbers are definitely going up, at least 2 devices a day, Asus should just recall this lemon!

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    That's not true. on zentalk, we have 13 new cases this month (13/20 = 0.65 per day). But yesterday was a dark day - 4 new cases! (user: @AdamSweden, @Duen, @almiz, @kyamwk).

    This isnt a software issue as a few updates have already been released and the phones are still dying.

  • today new update

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    I will try, not sure I can see sales outside my country (Denmark), will edit this post once I get to a PC.

  • So mine came back from Conmodo (ASUS' service partner in the Nordics) with marks on the frame that were not there before and a non-functioning front camera. Unfortunately I didn't take any photos of it before sending it in, so there's not a whole lot I can do about the marks, but I have had to send it in for repair again because of the broken camera. Lesson learned: Always take pictures and document everything before sending in your phone, because you obviously can't trust them to do a good job.

  • "I Just know these things happen everywhere"...... Mainly due to incompetent Engineering😉

  • If everything was engineering and production, assembly, shipment and customer treatment did not cause any issues, engineering would be a lot easier.

  • So, in essence what you want is to be able to engineer a product, sell it but ask customers not to use it.... Sounds good👍

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