ZenFone8 stuck on waiting for flashing full ramdump



  • Yes you are right! The solution should come from Asus and not from us, so if a few come here expecting solution or a statement from fellow consumers then what's the use of Asus here? Means they make a faulty product and don't take responsibility and let consumers figure it out themselves? We keep pushing and urging Asus here is because we want to hold them responsible, if issue is caused by firmware update from Google then at least release a statement that issue wasn't caused by their own products/software.

    We all can dig through all the recent posts here, did we see any recent response from @Gustav_ASUS or anyone else from Asus or did we notice that they are just ignoring customers? Did anyone of them said "we are aware of the problem and the tech team is looking into it" unfortunately none of that...So is that how customer service is supposed to be like? When customers ask just ignore them?

  • I want my money back !!!! the smartphone has several anomalies !!!! They want their smartphone back for the second time in assistance to reopen it and do their experiments !!!! As a buyer I repeat myself !!!! I want my money back !!!

  • My Zenfone has been repaired (resend within a day after arrival at the repair center). Repair details:

    Problem/Symptom: Gap abnormally/Mechanism interference

    Action: Add or replace new parts can solve the problem

    Replace Parts: LCD COVER

    And my (soft) screenprotector is gone.

    So I guess the motherboard didn't cause the Ramdump error?

  • Yesterday seemed to fall same pit....

    From Japan

  • @cyupacabura47 I've sent you a PM, please check your inbox here on Zentalk.

  • Posso chiederti come hai fatto? O posso contattarti in privato in qualche modo?

  • Can you add me to the List, my Phone died in full last Friday after I've plugged it in for charging.

    MFD 2021.04

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    Asus are you not stopping? We already have 40 dead bodies

  • Why should they?

    40 Bodies out of how many ?

    Whats the percentage of dead Phones?

    Don´t understand me wrong I am also pissed but without knowing the Numbers it is quite impossible to say that the hole Series is scrap.

  • As quoted before in this thread: 40 defected devices with maybe 500k sold is less not much and by all quality standards not too much.

  • And this is coming from someone who isn't affected by this issue. If you were one of the 40,believe you me buddy, it would be 40 too many!

  • Would be a pain in the butt, but as an engineer I've learned enough to know that 39 of known cases is something but not much.

    The last one was not even a ramdump if you check his other thread.

  • Blumi are you engineer of what ??? 

  • Add me to the list - 19.10.2021

    Got the Ramdump screen when the phone was charging...

  • Electrical engineering and information technology. I'm affiliated with asus in any way. I just know these things happen everywhere.

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