ZenFone8 stuck on waiting for flashing full ramdump



  • the phone when it updates the apps ... I watch videos .. I listen to music ... I use the navigator etc. etc. it overheats a lot !!!! fingerprint non-existent .... rustling during conversation and while I phone I find myself with pages for management modification never open .... all this after changing motherboard !!! They want to bring SMA back to assistance !!!! I am exhausted from this Asus purchase !!!! I will hire a lawyer at the cost of spending a lot of euros

  • Is it the same ramdump error though? Phones can brick for multiple reasons but for ZF8 it seems to be fairly consistent, If you look at the photos posted here by most of us it's the same.

  • For those wanting to keep track of anything potentially related to batches, MFD and BATT are below:

    MFD: 2021.04

    BATT: C11P2003

  • Word.

    I come here to read the newest info's on this issue and I pity those who have enough time to whine without any news.

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    Was any data ever available of the number of active / in use Zenphone 8 units?

    I understand that not every user is on this forum, and that not all problems are reported here, but do we have any/enough numbers to try and calculate what percentage of phones are affected?

    Also, I've seen that somebody made a spreadsheet with all reported cases here, but it only included MFG date and date of failure. Maybe it would be useful to also gather data on region / country of purchase and firmware region? Also, information if the failed phones were unlocked and/or running alternative kernels/OS images.

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    Regarding first part, there is no chance anyone else than Asus would have this information. Shame, it seems they are not very likely to communicate what's going on. I'm still hoping they are working on figuring out what's happening and will issue a statement, but frankly, it has been too long now.

  • Buddy most of us here have lost money, time and data dealing with Asus and this device, it helps to have a little empathy. I'm sure a lot of people came here looking for answers and not complains but we like you at one point is also asking for answers from Asus. The reason we became aggressive is because they are not giving us any explanation at all.

    So we have to do the investigations ourselves such as speculating if issue is isolated to certain batches or getting feedback from those that got their phones back from repairs. All these should have been done by Asus and not us but since they are so incompetent we have to do their job for them.

  • I'm only here to complain and I don't care. Asus screwed me right up, by selling me a doggy device, so I'll mourn as loud and as much as I can. The device died on me, out of the blue, when I was travelling to work, lost my sat nav, lectures and all the data I needed at that point. The worst part was then to findout that this affects others as well, so I'm well posses off as Asus should do a recall ad this phone is faulty! They took the phone away for repair on 7.9.21. Its now 9.10. 21 and I still don't have the handset, so I'm not going to be happy am I!

  • I understand that it's annoying to see people whine, and of course it can happen to have an problem on an electronic device, and you should always back your data up. But the situation here is a bit more complicated, and I think people have the right to be upset by Asus' attitude.

    First, Asus doesn't cover everyone under warranty and try to find excuses all the time. I litteraly had to threaten to sue them like 6 times until they agreed to fix it for free instead of for 500€, and they didn't even tell me or apologize.

    Second, lots of people have been waiting for over a month for their phone, this isn't normal at all, even at a time of shortages (the phone is still in stock if you want to buy it, so are the shortages only for repair centers?).

    Third, their communication is absolutely terrible. They didn't acknowledge the issue, and seem to treat it as individual cases in an automated RMA process. I'm not even sure they are investigating, collecting data or even referencing the cases of defect ZF8. I hope you're right with your 0.1% number, but it could as well be 1%, we have no way of knowing at this point.

    On a more positive note, I have to say the repair has been done properly for me and I'm not experiencing any issue with the new motherboard, if anything it seems to heat up a bit less.

    I'll keep using the phone personnally, but still wouldn't recommend the brand to anyone given how I've been treated by customer service, and the fact that we don't know how likely the issue is to occur.

    I'm not sure the issue is software, because we also have several cases (including mine) of devices not even displaying anything, not heating when plugged in, and that are just pure bricks, which definitely seems hardware to me. Maybe it's an entirely different issue, but it seems weird that there are so many cases of both issues just for this phone, and not that many on other Android phones.

    Also, if it was software, it would be really weird of them to just replace motherboards, and therefore waste pefectly working hardware just because they don't want to flash the OEM image. But again, I wouldn't really be surprised by Asus' incompetence at this point, so maybe you're right.

    I don't really have ideas to help you guys in the process of fixing the phone, but if you want me to extract some data from my working ZF8, I'll gladly do it for science (Discord flood#4171 if you need anything).

  • Doesn't seem like you can use the quote function for specific parts of someone's post. I only wanted to comment on the software vs. hardware fault.

    As we don't really know enough about how each device was used, how long they've been active etc. all we can do is speculate, it could be software or it could be hardware. Not all devices with the same manufacturing date are apparently affected, for example, my device is an April 21 build, I purchased it in June and have been using it roughly 3 months before experiencing the problem - why did I not have the issue in August or September like many other 0421 builds? The link I shared on my original post is for Pixel 3 handsets experiencing similar problems within the same time frame as the ZenFone 8's, evidently from an OTA update. As OTA updates are usually staggered it would explain the flow of the failures and how they've affected different devices at different times. Maybe it's just a coincidence but I'm not a big believer in coincidence, it's usually because we don't have enough pieces of the puzzle to understand why something happened (which is why I said we don't know enough about how each device was used).

    Whilst it's possible the failures are triggered by some soft of hardware issue, why now? Do the phones have 3 or 4 months of running time before a component failure? The swapping of the motherboard may only be something they are doing for devices that no longer power up, like your device, whereas mine still powers up - perhaps that'll be a re-flash, won't know until I hear back from Asus. It's also possible that the repair centres have been told to replace the boards and not re-flash, maybe Asus feel that is a better option than a re-flash (maybe to have the boards sent back for inspection/review), or the centres have no ability to re-flash so they can only do a board swap - we simply don't know.

    I'll post any updates I get to my case here to keep everyone updated. Currently I'm attempting to let the battery drain down and see what happens after that.

  • but in your opinion, after spending 800 euros I have to solve the problems of a smartphone that Asus has put on the market with many defects !!! I am the injured party and I have the duty and the right to complain and ask for explanations !!!! In your post you wrote phrases from an unskilled person

  • I gave up on the utterly inept Asus and Tecobuy and raised claim with Paypal. They refunded me on condition that I returned the handset to tecobuy which I have done. Would highly recommend people try going through the merchant/card company rather than Asus who clearly have no interest in helping.

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    @jakislogin2 &@cicagorio you actually affected by the issue or just here to gloat? Dont want to read whinning, lots of other threads to read. If you were affected cant imagine you being so blase about losing 500 quid. Jog on trolls

  • Not sure why do you think I am here to gloat. I just stated my opinion and gave some numbers that were supposed to show you guys that you need to understand the other side of the story. Failure rate is not that big and you guys are making it like 3/4 phones fail.

    How did you lose 500 quid? Is your device under warranty? If yes, then Asus will repair it - free of charge afaik. People who have voided the warranty can have some problems with getting their device repaired under warranty, but this is to be expected. It is the same in all industries and for all manufacturers.

  • I would like to come back to this quote to tell that I indeed received the original box and phone, I notice some slight damage to the aluminium back, but since it's in a case and it's so minor, I personally don't care. The fingerprint scanner seems to be more moody then before, so I switched to facial recognition and swipe pattern. The facial recognition works great with facemask. I don't wear glasses, so I didn't test that. Wearing sunglasses obviously doesn't work.

    I seen two interesting posts since my last message on this thread, one of which is someone going to attempt to fix it with the EDL, I'll make sure to check their post on the XDA forum. The other is regarding the MFD of my asus zenfone 8. Which I'll check once I'm at home and check the original box.

    I don't fear that this issue will happen again. I really think it was a small batch that had this issue, in combination with some new firmware. In case it does, it depends on the warranty and the result on the XDA forums of trying to flash firmware using the EDL cable.

    If you think about going on a holiday with your zenfone 8, make sure to have a backup phone and sim card pin ready in case your zenfone does decide to ramdump itself.

  • You are right - but the technical thread would be empty. No one from Asus will come forward with this case. Let me just remind you - this thread was merged by ASUS mods. Users will not investigate the problem on their own either. If you want a technical thread, you can create it. Maybe this time mods will allow your "tech" thread to be present. I'd love to read about your investigation into this, too.

    I don't understand why you complain about people when ramdump doesn't concern you - it's a bit like hypocrisy. Sorry, you didn't write anything creative in this thread yourself.

    I wish you all the best and more empathy for people.

    PS one thing I have to admit - some forum users write the same thing over and over again, unnecessarily.

  • @jakislogin2 if what you are after is answers from Asus then might as well email/message the company/mods directly. If you are here to find answer from fellow consumers then you are looking at the wrong thread, not everyone here are tech savvy so as a technical person you might want to check XDA or other more techy forums instead.

    Most of the people here are normal consumers, sure devices will break down at some point but would any expect a phone to brick which just a few months of use? With regards to repairs, you are generalizing things here...some people are shunned away by their local service centers even though they are entitled to a warranty. It just shows that Asus will try to get away with things if they can, if you just accept what they say good for them.

    People here are just sharing their experiences not just with the phone itself but with the company also, so if you think we are whinny you can go to other forums instead of putting people down just because they are unhappy with how they are being treated as customers by Asus.

    Anyway I'm not here to argue with anyone so I'm glad that you didn't experience this issue yet and I pray it will stay that way.

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