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  1. System: Windows 10
  2. Battery or AC: both
  3. Model: ux580
  4. Frequency of occurrence: all
  5. Reset OS: lots
  6. Screenshot or video: screenshot


Detailed description:

I finally have the recovery USB from Bizcom. I turn off Secure Boot and Fast Boot, reboot but the Bios doesnt see the USB.

I created a ISO from the Bizcom USB and used another USB and the ISO to create a bootable USB which is visible in the Bios.

I select that USB and it runs for about 5 seconds then I get the error;

Windows cannot find Recovery.cmd. Please make sure you typed the name correctly and then try again


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    that means recovery.cmd is missing in recovery USB. so in this case, you can need to create a windows 10 bootable USB pen drive by using another computer and then boot with created windows 10 bootable pen drive, then do to a factory reset or else do a clean installation of windows 10.

    If you unable to do means , you should bring to nearest asus service center

  • I purchased the usb from Bizcom who I assumed had a clue what they were doing? If I create a new bootable USB drive from another ASUS computer then copy all the files from the Bizcom one would that work?

  • i created the new bootable and that worked if I didnt load in the files from the Bizcom USB. As soon as I do that then the recovery fails with the Windows cannot find recovery.cmd

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