ZenFone8 stuck on waiting for flashing full ramdump



  • I'm still sitting on a bomb and waiting when ramdump will affect me... (My ZF8 has been manufactured in 4/2021 so it's from the same batch as most affected phones here...)

    @Gustav_ASUS or anyone else from Asus... Hello... Do we know anything? Why we still didn't get any explanations? How many cases are needed so Asus will do something to prevent more of them?

    I'm hopeless about Asus answer, but still trying to get any info xD

  • If you rely on your phone for work, take my advise, sell off the zenfone 8 now. You may run a loss but at least you will have peace of mind and you don't have to worry about your phone dying when you're using it as a satnav, alarm or like me to deliver a lecture. Asus won't admit it, untill it's dead!

  • Case is just sent to the 'The National Board for Consumer Disputes' since there seems to be no desire to end this in good will with the consumer.

    Though I have little hope of getting any quick resolution atleast there will be a record of my case.

    Hopefully someone reads this before buying Asus products.

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    @Gustav_ASUS please tell me this is a joke. I haven't had this phone for over a month and now I'm told its ready for delivery. I'm now being asked to pay shipping duty at a cost of over £49, prior to delivery. What the hell are you guys playing at? You sell me a broken phone, I send for repair and now you want me to pay duty!

  • Where are you from?

  • I'm from Ukraine

  • By the way, is there anyone who got ramdump screen and was not able to escape from it on UNLOCKED bootloader?

  • Updates from me (Ramdump #22)

    • Received back my Z8 today (Exacrly 1 week in the service centre)
    • Only Motherboard changed
    • All data erased
    • Somehow, my fingerprint scanning works perfectly now (was 3/10 and slow before ramdump)
    • So far no abnormalities found

    Will continue to monitor.

  • Looks that Asus staff is on holiday 😂

  • i guess newer models still have this issue MFD 2021.07

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    Do you also have ramdump? Welcome to the world of Asus! You are case number 35

    You are a confirmation that this defect doesn't only apply to the first series and that it is not related to any software version.

    we are waiting for someone to report that they have a ramdump after replacing the original motherboard! Then we should report the matter to your local consumer ombudsman.

  • I accepted the beta program for Android 12 from the smartphone updates section !!!! I want to see what happens. !!! By now I travel with a spare smartphone in my bag ,,, 😀😀 Asus but where are you going ???

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    Today I have to received my phone back ,they changed mother board,but I didn't take it back, because when I started to download all the programs it become hotter than it was at first time (08.06.21) and the battery level was 35% ant through 9 min it become 21% ,It seems to me very strange and I have sent it back to service.So I'm still without my phone.

  • per forza sono dei c.... cmq io rimborsato 100% in neanche 10 giorni. Arrivati due giorni fa i soldi sul conto corrente

  • contact asus at [email protected] and ask for refund. Service center said that they cannot assure the problem will go after the mainboard change. I was refunded 100% of the cost of my phone (bought thru Asus Website) directly from ASUS. If you bought at Unieuro you can absolutely contact ASUS anyway and they can refund you without passing thru Unieuro. Don't let Unieuro send your phone to service center !!!!

  • No tak ale jak ktoś ma na raty w sklepie elektronicznym...? 🤔 Ktoś to przerabia(ł)? 🤔 Mi póki co wszystko działa, pytam Informacyjnie.

  • Looks like I've been proven right that this issue is not limited to just a selected batch as suggested by someone, let's just accept that this company doesn't do any QC on their products. So regardless of the batch, at some point it will just die.

    If you go read other forum threads, it seems Asus has a reputation of putting out inferior products and I'm not just talking about mobile phones but other devices as well.

    This company is basically a scam!

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