VoLTE and Wifi Calling on Zenfone 8



  • Agree this is absolutely ridiculous

  • If I got VoLTE. I don't want to change my phone. I had root and VoLTE forced. Played modem setting from xiaomi. But every month after the update, I always had to persuade it to work. Asus is a good company but the VoLTE bass fell asleep ...

  • Does modem settings from xiaomi making possible to bypass carriers whitelists, eg. like in Orange?

  • Yes, the possibility. Everything is on xda. You have to look.

  • Bought this phone as a replacement for Google pixel 5 that wouldn't connect to android Auto due to a head unit issue. That due to COVID would have been months away from being repaired. Now I'm stuck on a mine site with nothing but wifi and can't make wifi calls because the phone is not enabled to it.

    When are asus just going to make it available for every zenfone 8 around the world

    Carrier is Telstra in Australia

    Never had any other issue with even budget phones working with LTE and wifi calling on the same network

  • yes Asus when are you going to implement VoLTE and wifi calling for Telstra......and please don't say its a Telstra issue, its not that difficult to push down some volte settings to the phone to make it work.

  • Can't keep VoLTE service on Orange France.

    First, it was activated "out of the box".

    Then it shut off, and i get it re-activated after a call to se customer service. It keeped running 3 months.

    A few days ago, no more VoLTE. I recalled customer service, who reactivated it. It keeped running 4 days.

    The most annoying is that Zenfone 8 is still not listed on the phones compatible with Orange France :

    (there is a small list specific to VoLTE and non VoWifi compatible phones)

  • That's exactly why I left Asus ... Great phone. Support bad ...

  • Any asus reps care to reply to my comment and the one directly below it about Telstra network in Australia. Everything is enabled according to them. Have even gone down the line of downloading a third party app from another forum that enables both these features to the phone so they actually display now. Still don't have either feature. Currently having to run a $100 Motorola at work just so I can call and text home. Absolutely ridiculous. Surely it's not that hard to enable. Surely it's not that hard to respond to your users and customers.... Essentially left 800 AUD out of pocket with a phone that's useless for me for work. Well done Asus. Build a great smartphone and forget possibly the simplest feature.

    Let's remember that your building a phone over anything else. Phones are designed to call and text before they run our lives and take pictures

  • Without doing anything, I suddenly have WiFi call enabled.

    Deutsche Telekom Germany

  • Hi, French user on SFR network, I got VoLTE immediately but WiFi calling wasn't showing in the Settings. Operator's website showed that the option was subscribed for my account, so I looked for help on forums.

    I found out that entering a shortcode in the dialer app (*#*#3642623344#*#*) enabled the feature and I got the menu to appear. I enabled WiFi calling and it worked perfectly (icon, settings, and calls). I can switch from VoLTE to VoWiFi or use either Home of Office WiFi network without any trouble for days/weeks, maybe months.

    But every time I reboot the phone, the feature is disabled and I have to enter the shortcode again. Is there any way to make it permanent ?

    Thanks !

  • What about VoLTE on the Cellcom carrier in Israel?

  • So my problem is solved, since yesterday night my zenfone is gone.

    It wan´t start it wan´t charge, charge LED is also off.

    During charging it went off and thats it.

    Painfull 3 Months but now I am going back to Samsung.

    Thank you for nothing Asus.

  • Sad,

    Even my super cheap backup Energizer E241S 4G LTE supports VoLTE out of the box. Works well with Celcom, UniFi Mobile / Malaysia.

    I guess, this is will be my first and last Asus phone.

  • Did you give up with WiFi Calling / VoLTE in Orange Poland or there are any ongoing actions in the background?

  • After the latest update I noticed that VoWifi turned on by itself and VoLTE is enabled by default in the settings for Elisa. Finally! Only took 6 months...

  • Yup, i have changed network to T-Mobile PL. Everything works perfect :)

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