ZenFone8 stuck on waiting for flashing full ramdump



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    I got ramdump too few hours ago. 16/256 Black, MFD 04.2021.

    Was listening to music through BT to my car audio. YouTube Vanced cast music to it, then I opened WhatsApp, started to type text. Pressed "Send" button and phone freezed, music stopped to play. I tried to tap on "Send" button few times but phone didn't react and image on display was static. Then dispaly switched off for about 10 seconds and that generic ramdump screen appeared to me.

    But I don't know if it's because I have unlocked bootloader or because I have custom kernel or because of something esle - I was able to easily restart my phone to bootloader and then press power button on green "Start" and my phone boot normally back to Android without any problems.

  • Unfortunately you've joined the dreaded Asus zenfon 8 team and you're number 34 on this thread. This happens with or without bootloader unlock.

    Come on Asus, please recall this phone now, and save consumers the hassle. The phones are dying at a rate of 2 a day, surely this is now a crisis situation?!

  • I don't know. My phone isn't dead. I mean I use it normally. I do not know why for some people when it happens they are unable to escape that ramdump screen. And for some (like for me) - I can easily restart phone and continue to use it normally. This what is really strange.

  • Mine isn't dead, it's OK. :)

    I don't know why for some people when it happens they can't escape that ramdump screen, and for some (like for me) - I can easily restart phone to Android and continue to use it normally. This what is strange)

  • Most likely it's a software problem because of custom kernel. In case where it's hard bricked it is understood to be a hardware problem (not confirmed).

  • I want my money back .... guys let's get together and sue Asus .... We involve consumer groups worldwide !!!! We can't be treated like this !!!!

  • I'm not sure. I had some random crashes and reboots on my ZF8, even on stock kernel. When phone rebooted every time it lead me back to Android OS. This time it was ramdump screen.

  • Asus is one of the worst tech companies ever. I never imagined that a company like Asus would stoop this low. They obviously know that a certain batch of the Zenfone 8, have a hardware defect. Rather than doing the right thing and recalling the affected handsets and put consumers out of the misery of waiting for the phones to die, they will just sit this out. Rather shameful to be honest.

  • Why why why😥... looks like I'm number 35 on the list.

    This morning I woke up because of the illuminated screen.

    MTD 05.2021 - Rampdump 6 October 2021

  • Funny thing there is no official statement. Reported phones that died here or on xda is maybe like 5-20% of total phones that had the issue. Asus, wake the F* up, post your statement! And i'm not talking about the Mods.

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    @cytrus224 welcome to the world of asus. Small correction - you are number 34 (zenfon @dron39 got up after restart)

  • Hi, guys!

    Today I have received a call from the shop where I bought this horrible phone.They told that the phone is repaired and I can take it back tomorrow.I'm so upset , because I am really afraid of taking it back,I don't know how It'll going to work and I'm afraid of staying without phone again in three months.

    So , maybe somebody can tell me,what can I say when I will check it Tomorrow ,maybe I can say something and they'll return my money back?

  • Join the bunch. My prediction of 2 phones a day dying is now confirmed and surely something must give!

  • Get your money back if you can, and if not, just sell it off immediately and buy something else. We are all going to lose a lot of money, because most people now know of this issue, so you will struggle to get over £200 for this 🍋 if selling it!

  • I'm still sitting on a bomb and waiting when ramdump will affect me... (My ZF8 has been manufactured in 4/2021 so it's from the same batch as most affected phones here...)

    @Gustav_ASUS or anyone else from Asus... Hello... Do we know anything? Why we still didn't get any explanations? How many cases are needed so Asus will do something to prevent more of them?

    I'm hopeless about Asus answer, but still trying to get any info xD

  • If you rely on your phone for work, take my advise, sell off the zenfone 8 now. You may run a loss but at least you will have peace of mind and you don't have to worry about your phone dying when you're using it as a satnav, alarm or like me to deliver a lecture. Asus won't admit it, untill it's dead!

  • Case is just sent to the 'The National Board for Consumer Disputes' since there seems to be no desire to end this in good will with the consumer.

    Though I have little hope of getting any quick resolution atleast there will be a record of my case.

    Hopefully someone reads this before buying Asus products.

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    @Gustav_ASUS please tell me this is a joke. I haven't had this phone for over a month and now I'm told its ready for delivery. I'm now being asked to pay shipping duty at a cost of over £49, prior to delivery. What the hell are you guys playing at? You sell me a broken phone, I send for repair and now you want me to pay duty!

  • Where are you from?

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