Dear users who have ZenFone 5

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Hello people who have ZenFone 5 (2018), we could try a kind of Petition to try to get the company's attention. Even though they're just not fucking with us.

I was really a fan of Asus, this is being my 3/4 cell phone of the brand and apparently it's going to be the last one, I think it's dirty they don't update.



  • For months, we wrote the mistakes from the light. They looked like they were interested. Asus is a complete liar. How can you trust someone who is lying?

  • The money for the order has long been spent. For example, if you received money for your work four years ago. And then you will be asked for four years, something to alter, fix, modify. The money for the order has long been spent. And the customer is not appeased. Your actions?

  • Asus is a great company with cheap mentality management who build a great hardware backed up with non techincal cheap staff.

    Asus is not a trustable company.. they made a phone , sell and sleep...nothing else. In case of zenfone 5z.. they shipped a phone with outdated android version to stop the firmware update at android 10. They are so non techinical person who are not able to provide VoWiFi for major service provider like AirTel and Vi. This is the level fo their flagship phones.. if you can remember about VoLTE..they release VoLTE after a long time.. they are playing very dirty politics to sale their phones.

    They can provide VoWiFi feature for all indian carier in early 2019 but they were waiting to finish the time period of 2 major android update..

    Beleive me your company is going to be end in india very soon.

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