ROG Phone 5S release date USA?

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Anybody has any idea when the USA version will be available? I keep checking but it still only shows ROG Phone 5 and not even a single unit is available. Only Zenfone 8.

I know I can order the ROG 5 or 5s on eBay and get it now but I've already done that 3 times in the past with the ROG Phone 1, 2, 3 and I'm completely done buying the global/international version because it doesn't support 5G networks in the USA. When I got my ROG Phone 3 a year ago I knew it wasn't going to work but I still went to AT&T and T-Mobile stores hoping to see if the 5G will work somehow but of course it doesn't. I recently YEETED my ROG Phone 3 out of frustration because even with just 4G I'm still experiencing terrible network connection because of the limited bands the global/international version supports.


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    Hi @Anime Manga Gamer ,

    ROG 5 Momentarily is out of the stock in your region but I recommend you to follow our social media channels for all the latest information in availability.

    Regarding ROG5S is yet to be announce, it looks like it will be later this year ;)

  • Can you really call something out of stock if it isn't even released?

  • Hi ZT-6ba223c6,

    Sorry I meant out of stock for ROG5, ROG5 S is yet to be announced ;)

  • Now it seems that they finally got rid of the Asus store entirely ( and somehow merged it into

    Now you can't even buy ANYTHING! If the ROG Phone 5S is taking too long to release they should at least make the previous ROG Phone 5 version available instead of having nothing at all! This is extremely frustrating that I might just consider other options like the Red Magic 6S Pro. As a customer of several Asus ROG products for many years I'm extremely disappointed that they don't seem to care about their US Market.

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