When will be announced next firmware

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I am facing a lot of problems after lats update, missing fingerprint, vibration,air triggers, when it will be fixed?


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    probably next month

    They already released new firmware for rog 2, rog 3, rog 5 (CN ver) and rog 5s but not for rog 5 (WW ver)

    Maybe they still try to find a way to fix hotspot and heat problem

  • I don't think Asus mod able to reply u. Only five weeks I bought this rog 5 n this phone is with the worst n most unstable software I have experienced so far, compare to other brand that I had used (Samsung HTC oppo Huawei software works perfectly fine n stable). Those other brands I had used are only mid or low range model n I decided to upgrade to this flagship with my two months pay but the software is so so so unstable. I have to restart the phone from time to time, or go reset in setting bcoz lots of function keep "disappearing" after awhile of usage. It become my schedule to restart the phone everyday in order to get all function works normally.

    Seriously I don't blame the Asus mods now but feel sorry for them coz there are tons of unstable software issue which I believe they can't handle all of them.

    I would like to say the phone hardware are premium but equipped with the most unstable software. Can I suggest that Asus to get all these tiny issue solved before launching a new flagship? I believe we user here can do a better job n are happy to help n test n detect the issue before launching. And this would help minimize the hectic complaint faced by Asus mod here. Is Asus listening? Thanks

  • The hardware is bliss. Especially the audio speakers I love them so much. And software wise they even have a lot of settings that other phones don't have but sadly it's true that it is flawed and I really hope that Asus fixes these issues and doesn't just abandon the rog phone 5 cause software can be patched and improved easily unlike hardware

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