Zenfone 7 pro has been abandoned?

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My brother bought zenfone 8 flip , and i had bought (at the same price) zenfone 7 pro in June. I see that zenfone 8 receives many updates that has improved energy management, the dark mode is true black and has no gray elements. the camera detects the rhinoshield, has the level even on the standard mode, has the document mode and in the menu you can choose The acquiisition of the qr code. Some updates have made the photos better and better color management, despite the camera is the same. These are just some of the many updates that asus has released for zenfone 8 flip and have not arrived on 7 pro. Has a top-of-the-range phone that asus sold until last month been forgotten, or will they be released?


  • Welcome to our world. Asus pathetically don't care for their year old flagship anymore. It was the fear even before the ZenFone 8 was released and confirmed when it was.

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    Don't worry, in a week someone from Asus will answer that update will be released soon.

    (not everything will ne fixed, but security patch will be updated)

    Typical scenario here. I hope maybe next year with A12 camera will be improved to ZF8 level, I don't believe devs want to do something now with A11.

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    Yes, It has been abandoned. Typical with ASUS devices is put them on a somewhat "stable mode" After 1 year, and upgrade them less frequently... In fact we lack August and September security patch, a proper AOD like on new models, improved camera AI software (sensor Is the same on old and new models), GPS randomly stops working, battery efficiency Is very bad for a 5k mah phone and so on

  • Next update for Zenfone 7/7pro is around the corner... Please be patient most probably next week is expected timeline to receive an update for Zenfone 7 series. This will also include latest security patch and other bug fixes.


  • Lol and there it is, AmitGarde comes through with the goods.

  • Who had a problems with touch?

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    Ok for small fixes and security updates. But I really feel teased if in September asus still sold zenfone 7 pro at the same price, and now the software gap between the 7 and the 8 flip is becoming more and more remarkable. I think I will stop buying asus, after 4 phones only asus purchased. Samsung and iPhone behave differently and, apart from the hardware, when they release an update on the features, it affects all supported devices in that range. Asus really disappointed me

  • Yep 100% same here. They'll do the same for the ZenFone 8 when the 9 is released. Small fixes and security updates woopty do, upgraded features is what we want specially since we paid a premium for a bloody flagship! At least they have a suggestions forum to ignore though 🙄

  • Yeah that's really bad that they abandoned their only one year old flagship.

    I went with Asus for three reasons : recurring battery issues with my last Samsung phones, really bad CPU on European Samsung phones (Exynos) when in US or Asia they use a faster and less power-hungry Snapdragon for the same price (which is already high), and I hate the notch or hole in the screen for a camera.

    But now, Asus released a new flagship 6 months after their last one, software gap is growing, long lasting issues went months before being fixed (background apps/notifications, GPS). And I still can't use the main camera in third party apps, I'm stuck with the crap quality wide lens camera's cropped image in Snapchat and others. But the phone was sold as the best selfie camera phone, they forgot to tell "only in the main camera app", and won't let us use the main camera for heat issues on long usage, but a photo does not take that long, switch to wide camera if it overheats...

    I'm still planning to switch phone soon...

  • When asus decided to keep only the top and rog range I thought they would do as apple that updates with the same features all supported devices. It could effortlessly update the 6-7-8 series with the same updates without problems. But no, he abandons a phone a few months after its release, despite the fact that the price had remained unchanged all the time. Never again an asus.

  • Well not really effortlessly, hardware configurations are quite different. But this is feasible task, of course, other vendors can do it. If asus can't, why they still sell phones.

  • Asus being asus. Use your wallet Power. Mine Goes back for mi mix 4 very soon

  • Xiaomi is a way worser option in terms of updates they don't even follow basic android design and do their own thing

    plus aesthetic is ugly

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    In fact xiaomi has a different policy line. It releases tons of phones on the market, devalues quickly, and makes few updates. Asus does not lower prices and only keeps the top line. For this it makes it very angry that it abandons the phones just after the release of the new product. 8 flips continuing to receive improvement updates (not just fixes) despite the fact that until a month ago they cost the same. In this way asus will lose customers and deserves it

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