Potential cause of completely dead Rog5 phones



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    This is very interesting. Normally a 20v charger should output around 19 - 19.5v, having something as low as 16-17v makes me raise an eyebrow, whats worse is that the voltage is flucuating, AMPS fluctuating is normal behaviour, but DC voltage should NOT be doing that, thats a major red flag right here. I assume whats happening here is that it keeps switching between 12 and 20v mode, which would be inline with @FunBike31 observation that the phone seems to constantly change charging parameters. This is very damaging to the components and can quite easily fry the Power IC, which would explain why these phones are always to hot to the touch after they die due to being shorted.

    @CIG I didnt know you were a robot that needs to be charging but congrats on your motherboard surgery! Yes your robot theory is absurd indeed.

  • My rog 5 was totally dead, I already facing a wifi issue & now my mobile was completely dead, when i am playing bgmi my mobile got freeze so i force shutdown it but it did not turn on till now and i tried every method that i know but no use so I'm thinking to change my motherboard for this shi*y device

  • The Wifi chip dying and causing issues is a hardware defect, it's not ASUS fault since this also affects the xiaomi devices. All Phones with early snapdragon 888 chipset will have eventual wifi failure.

  • Did your phone die while charging?


    Did you use the original Rog charger?


    Does your charger support 20v mode (look on the bottom of the charger for this)

    Yes it's

    My phone was 18% of charge when I plugged it to charge after 5 min I note that the phone lose battery level

    I tried to replug it and tried the other port and nothing change I tried other chargers but got the same results the phone looked like it's charging and the led on until it's dead of charge

    I tried a lot of other method while the phone was dying on my hand like reset the phone and boot at safe mode nothing help me to save the poor phone 🥺

    I hope this could be helpful for you

  • I personally would like to see more people post tester readouts.

    If you have a USB tester lets get some pics. If you don't have a tester, the one I used was approximately $15 USD on amazon.

  • what kind of phone is this rog 5 ..its just 2 months old and today i just talked to my friend and kept in my pocket and after 10 mins i have removed from pocket i saw its off i thought charge is down..then i remembered it was full charged and i m trying to on it by all ways.. by charging by pressing volume down and power key but all are failed.. waiting for monday and to go service centre..

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