Camera flip motor issues

theodorettshawtheodorettshaw Level 1
edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6

I just bought a Zenfone 6 and it's had issues since I took it out of the box. Pressing the button to switch from normal camera to selfie camera only gets 90% rotation, as well as the message "Camera cannot flip." I can continue rotating the camera from there manually and it'll reach 100%. Switching from selfie camera to normal camera also leaves the camera 10% out. Pressing the "Retract Camera" button or manually finishing the rotation gets it all the way in. When I try manually changing the camera angle, the motor makes weird noises and sometimes slips. You can see it in the video.

I've been using it without a case, so it shouldn't be a proximity sensor issue.

It seems to me like some of the teeth in the motor mechanism's gears aren't meshing, but I'd love to hear that it's a software problem. Anyone got any thoughts? Am I SOL?


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