zenfone 8 remove camera from lock screen


How to remove camera shortcut from lock screen?


  • Hi @cdr4,

    Currently the camera shortcut can't be removed or disabled from settings.

    If you'd rather use a third-party camera app, the lock screen shortcut can be pseudo-disabled by denying the stock camera app permissions to use the camera.

  • This is a big security lack, someone can easily access photos in Gallery.

    My two old phones have this option.

    And Asus flagship phone...? I didn't even think that there would be no this option...

  • Hi @cdr4,

    You can only access the photos that you take with your screen lock

    Anything other that that you need to unlock your screen to be able to access the rest of the gallery.

  • I use only lock screen without fingerprint, password or face detection unlock. Only swipe unlock. In my case "accidentaly" swipe on camera icon open it with full access.

    I need to fully prevent from children take/delete photos from lock screen.

    Even if I will set fingerprint or password protection, I would like to see lock screen customization option with abillity add/remove icons on lock screen.

    Thank you.

  • The whole joke is that my 2 old cheap (non flagship) phones from 2015 have this option initially, but for Asus flagship 2021 this is from the realm of fantasy, may be Asus will add it/ may be not...

    Any icon (access to any app) on lock screen is a security lack. In my opinion the first icon on lock screen must be the "Phone" because it is main function of device (like on my old phone). But there is no it on lock screen because it is no secure. Someome can't make call from lock screen, but can make photos.

    I have decided to use my phone in some security level (without passwords) and from any reasons I want to remove some app from lock screen - what is wrong?

    Old Samsung 2015 have Phone and Camera icons on lock screen by default, and have options to edit it...

    It's all.

  • If you wish to disable the camera do it via disabling the permissions.

    And, of course, if your children use your phone without any lockscreen permission they will find their way to the camera app eventually. I mean, double press the lock key and get to the camera by default....

    But yeah, it would be nice to have this feature. Maybe bring it up in the feature thread.

  • The feature thread is closed.

  • Nope


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