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  • If you have bad 4G signal, then 2G/3G is better option. I have antenna just 500m away and I didn't notice any difference in 4G vs 3G consumption. But i noticed that ZF8 has bad antenna, maybe because smaller size? My older phone had better reception at same places. It makes sense, that worse antenna -> bigger consumption. That can't be fixed by software...

  • Hi @Elmir,

    In regards of your battery drain, please try the following;

    1.Charge your device to 100% on your usual mode, and then check in the morning the battery level.

    2. Try the same the following day before going to bed charge your device to 100% and then set it to flight mode, then check in the morning battery level.

     This way we can compare and check performance of your battery consumption

    3.Also can you confirm which configuration you have? Is it 8/128 or 8/256 or 16/256?


  • Hi All,

    Just purchased a ZenFone 8 and noticed that the security patch software is still the March 2021 and version. The update states that this is the latest version as at today 16 September 2021. Has anyone got updates later than the March version above. If so how did you get the latest version?

    Or is there an issue/problem with my phone updating to the latest software?

    Thanks for your help.

  • I guess it's some problem with updates. Have you bought it new or from some person? I mean maybe bootloader is unlocked?

    Just download full FW .115 from ASUS website, put it to root of internal memory and flash it.

  • ZF8 battery management is problem.

    the unit also getting hot fast.

  • The vibration when someone calls you is not that noticable as before.

    It doesnt help to restart phone, some firmware issue

  • Hi @Irene2_ASUS

    I was on vacation and couldn't get these stats, but I am back now and will try to do what you asked me to in the coming 2 days

    Answering 3) I have 8/128 model

  • What a nightmare of a phone I feel for you brothers

  • Get used to it brother Asus do not pass on security patch,s until the app turns red ,then it's still a battle

  • Still showing Security Patch dated July! Storage Manager still crashes every time I open it! No games, music or video apps, or files are loaded. So, it can't be blamed on extra junk.

  • The heaviest "idle" consumers are the screen & radios. Any app remaining in background that has wifi/data rights often continues accessing the networks after you've switched to something else.

    ASUS UI has a great Mobile Manager tools, use them! They are the next best thing to rooting & firewalling! (My reason for buying their mobile devices - no rooting needed!) You can manage access to Data & WiFi for many system and all installed apps.

    -- the fix:

    Check Battery usage - select app usage to find any obvious culprits. (see Pic) This is not very explicit, but you may find a power hog. Enable Developer Options to View all apps and cached processes that are actually running and eating your battery.

    Before you set phone down for night: open Mobile Manager:

    Run Scan

    Run Memory Cleaner

    Run Cleanup

    Restart phone.

    Also check Startup Manager, (I only allow my Weather app & AVG Antivirus to autostart).

    I always shut off Data, WiFi, Location & BT when I'm not actively using them. {set MMS to receive when Data is not enabled to avoid late/missed messages}

    Remember when Data, Location, BT & WiFi are turned on and idle, they still are sending keep alives and accept & reply to incoming pings and other traffic. Finally- Deny all apps Body and Physical activity permissisons unless you use them - another constant radio & sensor using feature.

    Best of luck!

  • Beware... Most US providers are sundowning and phasing out 2 & 3 G. I personally was not receiving calls or messages until I enabled 5G and VoLT! My battery lasts 2-4 days, (no hot problems ever) unless I'm doing a lot of internet, long calls or other heavy radiocentric stuff. I'm also a security nut, so I strictly limit app radio access with Mobil Manager and permissions.

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    Hi @Irene2_ASUS,

    Sending you what you have asked.



    However under number 1, when I use the phone for one hour, the android os and android system battery usage goes up a lot - in 10% of battery spent for 1h of browsing it accounted for 2.2% and I was only browsing the Internet with Firefox. Screenshot:

    As mentioned before I have 8/128GB version

  • Hi @Elmir,

    Thanks for your reply. There's not necessarily anything strange or abnormal about seeing Android System and Android OS in the list, that's just how the device operates.

    If you have low idle drain with flight mode on, it's most likely your wi-fi or cellular network (apps communicating in the background, making API calls etc) that's draining your battery.

  • My claim is that there are optimisations that can be made so that the battery consumption is reduced, because my pixel 3 with the same apps and configuration consumes up to 2-3% by Android OS and Android System for a full charge, while with Zenfone 8 it is 2-3% per hour

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