Wifi & Wifi-Hotspot Not Working



  • I'm also facing the same problem from 12-09-2021, first of all my wifi and hotspot are not working, i've tried to restart my phone lots of time, but it doesn't work, today my earphone jack is also not working, i plugged in my earphone, but earphone is not working, is there any solution for this?

    I saw lots of comments about this topic, when will we get new software update? Please help me put, wifi is not a big problem for me, but the earphone jack problem.. I can't even play game just because earphone is not working, should I change the jack or what to do??.. Please @Asus_rog help

  • Visit your nearest service center they will replace your motherboard and there is no other solution now. Ask them how much time it will take to replace the motherboard. It's been 40 days and still, I didn't get my device.

  • I started to face this issue from today morning. Looks like others are facing this issue for long and still didnt get a fix from ASUS!

  • Been 2 months, update also came , only solution = service center

  • I had the same issue post .86 update and when visited the service center, they ordered new motherboard and it was faulty. Again ordered but still nothing. 22 days the phone is in service center.

    I had escalated the issue to CEO helpdesk and they do not have an update.

    1) Software update test --> Failed.

    2) Motherboard hardware test --> Failed.

    Whats the use of taking premium phone like ROG ???

  • @ARP_ASUS Can you please help us with this fix.

  • We all have been scammed

  • So ASUS managed to brick its Premium series phones with just an untested STABLE update and do nothing about it for two months...

    It seems there won't be any official statement released on this issue and that implies no update is going to be pushed anytime sooner or ever....

    Any mods have info other than chipset replacement.?


  • @ARP_ASUS you guys are working on this issue from 2months but no solution at all only one solution you gave to us is to replace our motherboards it takes 30days to replace our motherboards in this pandamic. Try to initiate the refund or the replacement for new devices

  • I also want a refund I have twitted the issue please retweet it so that it reaches asus India @PiyushAgarwala4

  • At least fucking reply it so damn irritating atleast roll back the update

  • @donash922 I also gave an option to service center team to downgrade the firmware and it did not work. Looks like motherboard / phone is incapable of downgrades. They sent a new motherboard and it seemed to be faulty in my case and waiting for almost 30 days now without fix.

    @here, it's better to use cheap vendor phones and get a far better service than ASUS premium service and I am not going to recommend ASUS / ROG to any of my family and friends.

  • I'll comment after my device gets its motherboard replaced, as ik no-one is facing problem after replacing their mboards

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    so guys i got my phone today after 36 days ,this time i cant tell if it was repaired, looks as good as new and no new issues related to performance or overheating .it crashed once ,but cant say it didnt crash before. Earlier when wifi was working on the phone , on 300 mbps plan i could only get 50-60 mbps speed on rog 5 whereas all my other devices got more than 200.(i also have a post on that )but after this replacement m getting the same speed across all devices,seems like they sold us a faulty phone from day 1.

  • WiFi and hotspot issue. Ehat should i do now. Help

  • @krnapj could you please share software version screenshot?

  • Sure , bdw are you not updating your phone after getting mobo replaced in fear of facing this problem again ?

    I was updated to a previous version than this ,but when i received my phone it was updated to this version by them only.

  • I've sent it to the center , 7 days and they ordered faulty motherboard XD

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    To all of you talking about motherboard replacement WATCH OUT!!

    They are replacing your motherboard with refurbished - reconditioned - USED ones so ask them to put new mobos.(ask them if it's new or refurbished) By replacing the motherboard they are also CHANGING THE IMEI so if you have plans for reselling it know that if i was a buyer I wouldn't buy it with a different IMEI from what is written on the box.

    Also if 15 DAYS haven't passed from day of purchase you might be eligible for device replacement NO QUESTION ASKED. (at least thats how it is in Europe)

    Dont make this suckers in Asus any favors and ask what is your right as a buyer to ask.

    Mine had problem from start with microphone, spoke with support after 15 days and they replaced my mobo with a used one and problem is still there. I'm talking with shop I bought it from to get my money back the next few days.


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