Advanced battery mode - issue

Iceman11Iceman11 Level 1
edited October 2021 in ZenFone 8


I noticed that the performance sliders in Advanced battery mode are not working as expected while set to Low.

In the other modes (Dynamic, Durable and Ultra durable) CPU clock speed on idle is 300 MHz for core 0 - 3 and 700 MHz for Core 4 - 7.

In Advanced battery mode, all performance sliders on low, the idle clock is 1400 MHz for core 0 - 3 and 1300 MHz for Core 4 - 7 (Just like in High performance mode).

It that the normal behaviour or a bug?

Note: Forcing screen refresh rate to 120 Hz is available only in Advanced and High performance mode and the other modes are not a viable option for me.


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